Friday, January 29, 2010

The Fresh Start

It's nearly the end of January of another faceless year. I've come to the realisation that I need to set some goals, so I may as well do it here, in public, where people can see it, and I can be reminded of the goals I set myself and remind myself to work for these things.

The past few days have been rather confronting, not that gastroenteritis is confronting , more messy, gross and completely humiliating. It's not so much the fact of gastro as the doctors words. 'Watch yourself, you have all the precursors of appendicitis." Again, this fact doesn't stress me out, going to hospital and having a fairly common operation holds no fear for me. It's the recouperation that gets me. Where do I go? Who will look after me? Who would look after me?

The messy bits, the slight fever and the pains have gone but the lingering sense of aloneness remains. I live alone. I'm single. Who would look after me if I was to fall ill? I'm not like my mate, the Grounded Dutchman, who was able to be taken home by his mother after nearly killing himself with his paraglider - I don't have that support network. This bout of uneasyness isnt as bad as when I massaged somebody with shingles- the thought of chicken pox sent me to therapy for six months. I've moved on from this - now I feel the aloneness, honour it, and try to work out how this can be fixed.

So goal number one: Get that support network happening - one who's in my life daily so we can look after eachother. And get that person soon.

I also need to put this one down in print too.

Goal Two: By my 42nd birthday I will be 20 kgs lighter. No ifs or buts this year.

I will probably bore you with with my weight loss and exercise efforts. I've gone from the morbidly obese range to a very fit and well toned albeit cuddly cougar in the last two years - I'd like to see how far I can take this.

Helping goal two along is Goal Three : Run a marathon in the next twelve months.

The last year has seen me go from a sloth to a clydesdale. Two half marathons later, a bout of exhaustion, high blood pressure and depression later, I'm ready to get back to it again. I need this goal, as mad as it may be.

Goal Four: To own my own property in the next two years.

Yes, I'm 41 and propertlyless. Spent my 20s living abroad, living hand to mouth, my thirties in complete denial living hand to mouth and now I'm here, 41 and a bit more solvent. Seeing Ferdy the Financial Adviser on Wednesday.

Goal Five: Get more of my stuff out there and published

Writing documents for a telecommunications company is soul destroying. I've won a couple of short story competitions. I can do it again.

Fighting talk.

Lastly, my tarot card for the blog. Pick a card, any card:

Six of Wands. Victory. Rising above obstacles. Knowing your worth. Seeing things from above. Working towards goals and acheiving them.

Hopefully a wonderful omen.



Kath Lockett said...

Best of luck to you, Pandora. If omens help, then GRAB them!

FletcherBeaver said...

Hey, where's the second entry? And third? Keep on ya back, did you say?