Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Disney Stuff meme

Finally, Sunday Stealing has set a list of questions I can barely answer. Though I've looked through the list of movies and can answer a few of the questions as I've seen some of the films. I do love kids films, but I'm better with Pixar films, which I now find come under the Disney Flag.

Questions, as always, from Bev at Sunday Stealing.

1. Favourite scene in a Disney Princess movie?

No idea.

2. Favourite scene in a non Princess movie?

I love the balloon scene in Up.

3. Last Disney movie you watched?

Beauty and the Beast - the live version.

4. How many times have you visited the parks?

Never - I'm Australian and have only ever lived in Australia and England.

5. Favourite animal themed movie?

Must Love Dogs - I can't watch animal films. They make me cry.

6. Favourite Disney movie from the 1950’s? 

Peter Pan

7. Favourite Disney movie from the 1960’s?

Mary Poppins.

8. Favourite Disney movie from the 1970’s?

Freaky Friday

9. Favourite Disney movie from the 1980’s?

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

10. Favourite Disney movie from the 1990’s?

The Parent Trap (When Lindsay Lohan was awesome).

11. Favourite Disney movie from the 2000’s?

It's a  toss up between Up, Monsters Inc and The Incredibles - I love all of these films.

13. Favourite Disney movie from the 2010’s?

Has to be a toss up between Brave and Saving Mr Banks.

14. If you could trade lives with one character which one and why?

I'd love to be on the floor of the factory in Monster's Inc. I love that film.

15. First Disney orientated memory?

My father took me to see Robin Hood in the cinema at the age of five. It's my first memory of going to see a film.

16. Favourite villain?

Cruella de Ville in 101 Dalmations.

17. Favourite live action Disney movie?

The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was awesome.

18. Favourite soundtrack?

The original Jungle Book Soundtrack is awesome.

19. What are your top three favourite Disney songs?

I Wanna Be Like You from the Jungle Book.
Chim Chimminy from Mary Poppins.

I wish the original Muppet Movie was on the list, as The Rainbow Connection is one of my favourite ever songs.

20. Mickey or Minnie?


21. Which movie do you find the most nostalgic?

There are quite a few. Disney was my childhood.

22. Are there any Disney movies that you haven’t seen?

Plenty of them.

23. Is there a scene or movie that makes you cry?

There is a scene early in Up about the old man. I bawl every time.

24. Is there a song that makes you cry?

The Rainbow Connection. Not that it's a Disney movie. m

25. Which character do you relate to the most?

Merida from Brave.

26. Do you own any clothing that’s Disney themed?


27. Favourite sidekick?

I quite liked Le Fou from Beauty and the Beast. Still haven't seen the animated version. Smee from Peter Pan is also great.

28. Favourite Princess and why?

Merida from Brave. She kicks arse.

29. Funniest Disney scene?

The cone of shame scene from Up.

30. Favourite Disney movie and why?

That is a too hard a question.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The If Meme

Trying to get this out early as I have a lazy day in Sydney - this is something lazy to do.

Questions, as always, from Bev at Sunday Stealing.

1. If you could eliminate a single type of insect in the world, which would it be?

Huntsman spiders. No contest there.

2. If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen?

I would have loved to see the completion of the Sydney Harbour Bridge when they closed the span. That would be pretty cool.

3. If you had to paint your entire home inside and out a single color other than white, what would you pick?

Petrol blue.
Image result for petrol blue

4. If you could decide what will be written on your gravestone, what would you have inscribed.

"The lunatic, the lover and the poet, are of imagination all compact." If not Shakespeare, then "Nevertheless, she persisted."  Will do. By the way, I want to be cremated.

5. If you could have a secret listening device in any one room in the world, what room would you put it in?

Sometimes I'd love to hear just what goes on in Trump's office....

6. If you could have any music group that no longer exists play at your birthday party, who would you want?

The Hoodoo Gurus. They were AWESOME!. The Pixies are still playing.

7. If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do?

Lion tamer. I've always wanted a lot of big cats to play with.

8. If you could master one type of cuisine, which one would you choose?

Spanish. Love Spanish food.

9. If you had to have one piece of music softly playing in your mind for the rest of your life, what would you want it to be?

I am the ear worm queen, bit if I really had to have anything on in the background, a soft version of "My Funny Valentine" would be okay.

10. If you could ensure one single personality trait in your children, what would you want it be?   

I don't have children, but if I did, I would want them to be kind.
11. If you could resolve any single dispute, anywhere in the world, what would you solve?

Oh to fix up Syria...

12. If you could be a guest on any talk show, which would you like to be on?

I love Stephen Colbert. Especially if he has The Violent Femmes on again.

13. If you were to be a news correspondent posted to any foreign country, where would you like to go?

Somewhere safe and interesting. How about Japan? (One of the next places on my list of places to go)

14. If you could have been on the Supreme court for any single case in its history, which would you select?

Roe vs Wade. I'd be there for all women for their right to choose.

15. If you could pick one person from history to live next door to you, who would you pick?

I'd like to be there for Alan Turing. I would like to be his friend.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Movies Meme

Movies, one of my favourite things.

Questions, as always, from Bev at Sunday Stealing.

1. Have you ever had a movie both totally captivate and complete confuse you?

I think Donnie Darko was a bit like that. As was Calvary.

2. When watching a movie, do you prefer things all laid out or to have to 'hunt for your own clues' along the way?

Much prefer to hunt for my own clues. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri was  like that.

3. Do you want an ultimate ending to your movie or do you prefer to have it open for conjecture and discussion.

Depends on the film. See above for conjecture. You just don't know.

4. Do you talk during a movie (preferably one in your home, not in the theater)?

Much prefer the quiet.

5. Have you ever seen a blockbuster movie and not get what was so great about it?

Yep - that goes for most action movies I've seen lately - and the last few Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

6. What book frightened you as a young person?

We had a Pictorial book of Catholic Saints in the house when I was a kid - that was horrific.

7. If you had to become a ‘living book (i.e. able to recite the contents of a book cover to cover upon request – reference Fahrenheit 451), what book would it be?

Other than the Harry Potter series, Captain Corelli's Mandolin is up there.

8. What movie or TV show scared you as a kid?

Dr Who. It still scares me sometimes.

9. What movie (scary or otherwise) will you never ever watch?

I don't watch horror. And I don't think I'll be doing a Will Ferrell back catalogue night any times soon.

10. Do you have any phobias?

Huntsman spiders. There is a dead one somewhere in the wardrobe. Half a can of bug spray should do it.

11. What's the happiest thing to ever happen to you?

When my nieces were born.

12. What's the saddest thing to ever happen to you?

When one of my nieces died. Leukamia. Such a waste.

13. What's the thing that got you the most angry in your life?

Anybody who's betrayed me. That gets me angry.

14. What's the most frightening thing to ever happen to you?

Naples. Not that I was in danger, but I've never been more scared in my life. It has a threatening vibe. I was also once followed home in London. Very scary stuff.

15. What's the most unbelievable thing to happen to you in your life?

I've won a few short story competitions. That's quite incredible.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Curious as a Cat Meme

Late again. I blame the caffeine withdrawal, which was particularly brutal.

Questions, as always, from Sunday Stealing.

1) Do you think you’d be a good writer? What kind of writer would you like to be (fiction, children’s books, magazine, etc.)?

I'm not a bad writer. I have a Masters in Writing. I write literary fiction, but I would love to be the new Margaret Atwood.

2) I wish I had enough money to ________.

Travel more and buy a house.

3) If you had to enter a competition for the "Most Uselessly Unique Talent," what would your talent be?

Reciting "Jabberwocky" or "The Owl and the Pussycat" when tipsy.

4) When it might hurt their feelings, how do you feel about telling your friends the truth?

I don't like doing it, but it is better to rip off the bandaid and get it over with.

5) Peanut or plain?


6) Is there someone you would like to take your place in life for one day? Who and why?

I would love to swap out with a Shakespearean actress for a day. That would be fun.

7) What do you think is the ugliest thing or event on Earth?

No contest. After Donald Trump, Huntsmen Spiders. Look them up. Ugly fuckers.

8) What is your least favorite of your personality traits or quirks?

I overthink EVERYTHING.

9) I wish I could see ________ because _________.

I wish I could see a certain friend as I really want some answers.

10) Tell us your favorite children's story.

11) What do you keep in the trunk of your car?

A first aid kit and an umbrella. There is also a spare tyre and a jack under the shelf. Otherwise, it's clear of stuff.

12) Describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.

Reading, reading, writing and reading.

13) Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever. What’s it like when you’re in "the zone"?

I zone out when I'm walking. Love walking, but when I walk home from work, I often have no memory of getting there. Exercise is good. I can't hear anything when I a, walking distance. I don't have music in my ears.

14) What parts of nature do you like best?

The sea

15) What's the kindest act you have ever seen done (either to/by you or another)?

I have a friend who works at an animal refuge. That is pretty special.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Thought Provoking Questions meme

It has been a lovely, quiet Easter. Spent part of the day with my feet in the water at the beach.

Also got though day one of the thirty day cardio challenge. Half an hour of cardio every day for a month.

Questions from Bev at Sunday Stealing.

1. What Are Three Things You Need To Buy?

I'm nearly out of washing powder. My fifteen year old top-loading washing machine is starting to creak and groan. And if I get through the 30-Day Cardio challenge I am allowed to buy myself a new phone. The battery on my old phone is nearly dead.

2. My Biggest Hope Is________.

World peace and a more human Federal government. As to be better than the Illuminati scum we have in power at the moment.

3. What Was The Last New Thing You Tried?

I stuck my feet in the water at a Melbourne beach today. This is a first in eighteen years of living here. (Adelaide beaches are much better)

4. What Mood Were You In Today?

Pretty good. Went to lunch at Jonetta and Stav's place. Stav made me his garlic and duck fat roasted potatoes. He can be a friend for life.

5. What would be a better name for the color of goldenrod-colored paper?

I had to look this up on the web. Maybe daffodil?

6. Where did you get your silverware?

Freedom - it's a furniture and homeware store. Had it for over fifteen years.

7. What artifact from this past week would you have bronzed as a keepsake and heirloom?

My grandmother's egg beater. I love that thing.

8. What was the most recent ceremony you attended?

I graduated my Master's about two weeks ago. I went to the ceremony.

9. What east Asian cuisine is good for your Seoul?

Kimchi and bibimbap.  Both are fabulous. Regular lunch fare.

10. What life lesson did you learn the hard way?       

Keep your emotions close to your chest and reveal at your peril.

11. What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?

Writing. Kissing.

12. What gets you excited about life?

How things can change so quickly. Reading and writing.

13. Have you done anything lately worth remembering?


14. What does your joy look like today?

Waking up with some energy. Going to bed tired.

15. When you are 80-years-old, what will matter to you the most?

Having my health and friends.