Friday, March 19, 2010

So if Hell Week is over am I now in Limbo?

I've got my spring in my step back.

The good food and the running and the being nice to myself is all good. Hell Week officially ended last night at 9.30 pm when Pinochet gave me one last set of 20 push ups to do before bidding me goodnight and announcing that he may be leaving the gym. Not sure how I feel about this. Pinochet has been with me through the journey of the last three years. He's seen me go from a morbidly obese couch potato who had no flexibility to the woman, toned, fast, strong, looking to attempt a marathon in six months time. Not having him around may be strange. Okay, he's a bit of a soccer playing lunkhead - but he is my friend and he helps to keep me on track. We will see what happens there.

I'm also a bit pumped as I ran to work this morning - taking the 8 km route down Burnley Street and along the Yarra. What I didn't factor in was that at 7.30 am it was 25 degrees and you could cut the air with knife - not pleasant. Ran 5 minute intervals most of the way in, not wanting to collapse from the sweat. Also got bailed up by one of my team mates who was cycling in.

Cycling and running gear are great levellers. The day they start making sexy cycling clothes is the day I will take it up. Fortunately that day will never happen. Got to the corner of Flinders and Exhibition Street on the hour, my hydration bladder empty and my thoughts set to rain - and wishing it would. At least I feel like I've acheived something today.

However, this spring in my step is there because of Reindert - or Strange Running Ex-Boss. Reindert is due back in Melbourne for work for ten days. If there is one thing that will put a smile on my face it's the return of a friend. Noisy Raymond made comment 'Ah, your other work husband is coming back - Glen Waverley will divorce you for bigamy.' I'm just pleased to have my friend in close proximity. We've got a winery trip and a few runs already sorted and he hasn't left Boston. There's quite a few people who are very happy to hear of his return. Tin Can, String and Whistle is not a fun place to be. Lots of change and movement. Having Reindert around will help soothe a few frayed nerves.

The other person to re-enter my life this week is an old friend from London, Gareth - who's over here for his neice's bat mitzvah. Reaquainting with this one will be a bit strange. He and I went out together for a few months about fifteen years ago. After, we remained friends. His wife and I get on better than he and I do - which isn't a strange event for me. Whenever I'm in London I stay with them or at least visit. It will be odd to have them on my turf this time. After living in Melbourne for ten years, this is the second time somebody has paid me a visit.

I'm just finding it strange that people are coming back - normally they leave.

The third exiting thing to happen this week - I'm off to see the Pixies at Festering Hall on Saturday. I will elucidate after the concert. Needless to say, at 41 years old, I am still queen of the mosh pit...

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Kath Lockett said...

Geez, well done you for running this morning. I slept in, had a 9am appointment I couldn't get out of (even us work-from-homers have to leave the house every now and then) and it was too muggy at 11am to contemplate an eight K run...

Reindert (great name!) sounds like he's arriving just in time and it also sounds like, despite the turmoil at your workplace, that you have enough 'husbands' there that care a lot about you.

Oh and yes - riding gear does not make anyone look good. If you can chat to your CEO when he's in lycra, you have a secret power....

Pandora Behr said...

Unfortunately half the office ride in so having lycra clad bods roaming around is normal here.

And you're right, I'm lucky to have a lot of people around here who care about me - I'm really lucky indeed.