Friday, September 24, 2010

Back in Stride

Last night, two weeks after surgery, I went on my first run. I should say it was more a walk/run, one minute of running, 90 seconds of walking around the set six kilometre course.

Before you start at me for not giving myself time to heal, it's all too soon etc, I need to reiterate that I feel completely back to normal after  the keyhole procedure and I'm fully aware that I have to ease back into running, which I've been unable to properly for about three months. The walk/run, around the local neighbourhood, with few hills and lots of traffic lights to wait at for a few seconds was a well planned out route, with lots of contingency short cuts home if required.

Kit, one of my usual running mates came over and we scoped out the track. From mine, down past the council flats, down Lennox Street to Swan Street, down Burnley Street then home. A six kilometre loop around my suburb. I warned her, if there was any pain flaring I was back to walking, which she was fine with. Both of us were just happy to have a beautiful early Spring evening to have a jog and a chat.

Happily, all went to plan. The legs still work. The lungs still work. We made the five kilometres around to the gym where Kit and I stopped to wave at Pinochet our trainer and stopped for a quick chat with Hot-Gen-Y-Slacker-Dude at the gym reception.

After a stop in at the pet store to say hello to the puppies (I know pet shops are evil, but like Hot-Gen-Y-Slacker-Dude, puppies are cute), then we walked the last 500 metres home as a cool down.

And we walked into my front gates exactly an hour later. Brilliant.

Today, I know I've been running, I know I've done something exercise worthy, but I haven't over done it.

I'm back on track.

Next run, tomorrow morning - same gig.


Kath Lockett said...

Whoo hoo! I won't lecture; I'm glad that you're well enough to do it!

....and I always look at the puppies too. And the rabbits, if they have them. Even the kitten.

River said...

Well done! I like your ease into it plan. I'm doing the same with getting back to work.

JK said...

Good for you - must have felt good

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pandora,

Well done! You put me to shame!!