Friday, October 8, 2010

What wins you a round the world airfare?

The best thing about this trip - I won the airfare.

Work had this competition, open to the 1000 Australian staff - 100 words or less, what will the National Broadband Network do for our fair country. Be creative. Winner gets two tickets to anywhere that Singapore Airlines flies to.

Now, at Tin Can, String and Whistle, 95% of the working population are engineers. Asking an engineer to be creative normally entails the use of duct tape, WD40 and fuse wire. Asking an engineer to write something creative normally sends them into an Asperger's frenzy. (We have a bit of a saying around here about the engineers here - if they don't have Asperger's Syndrome they're mildly autistic.) So being one of the two percent who have an Arts Degree and published short stories, being creative on paper comes a little more naturally. Also, as there were only 70 people who entered the competition, the odds were okay at winning this, not that I was to know any of this. Also in my defence, the entry was written in 15 minutes one lunchtime.I thought I had Buckleys.

So here is what got written. They said they liked the fact I was using new technologies and thought things out past the norms.

I just thought I'd tapped into my inner nerd....

This is what won me my ticket (reverted the two return tickets to one round the world)


Mikayla Tennenbaum of Peppermint Grove, Perth and Duncan Rossglen of Abbotsford, Melbourne, invite you to their holographic wedding  on 15 December 2020, 5 pm AEDST.

Guests arrive via NBN Holographic Portal 589.849.28 for logon, bio-imprinting, avatarisation and virtual seating by 4.45pm on the day.

The Griffhippos, eclectic band from Yuendemu are providing holographic entertainment and dancing after linking takes place.

Food: Scent imprints of Melbourne coffee, food and wine from McLaren Vale will be virtually sent for avatar consumption. Cakepods will cater for dietary requirements.

RSVP: 1 December 2020 with biometric information, ensuring no virtual gatecrashing on the night.

Go on, say it.



Kath Lockett said...

CLEVER nerd is more like it!

River said...

Yep, clever nerd. I'm impressed. I would never have thought of any of that.

magical_m said...

Brilliant! Love it!

Enjoy your round-world-airfare - where will you go?