Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Star Calendar

Well, no Pandora bead this month, but still, not a bad effort at all. 25/30.

In all, not a bad month. I'm down to 84.3 kgs now - so much better than the 98.3 kgs at the start of the year.

However, April has been a month of readjustment. I started work and fitting in exercise with work is proving hard - though I am doing it.  There's also been the odd dinner party where things just go out the window (9 April) a night out on the tiles - (Easter Saturday) and the last two days have not been great. Yesterday I was in Sydney and at the mercy of pub food and airports.

However, I'm really proud that my eating and exercise habits have changed for the better. Though I've gone over the prescribed 1600 calories, I've not binged. I'm keeping the exercise up. I'm making good choices.

So I don't see this as a failure at all. I'm just being honest. I have a life - and I can't control everything all the time. And sometimes you need to celebrate and enjoy and occasionally - very occasionally, you have to say "What the f*ck!".

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Kath Lockett said...

I think you're doing brilliantly. Think of the 'number' you were when you started and where you are right now - a completely five star, triple AAA result.