Friday, August 5, 2011

Amo, amas, amat, amares

Amo, Amas, Amat, amares....

I love. You love. He/she loves.  They love....
I can look at the photographs now and feel nothing. I can think of him and feel nothing other than a small modicum of regret.

I love. I loved. Past tense. I did love. Past imperfect. I once loved.  They love. They did  love. They love. They are in love. Plural present reflexive.

I hate that I spout Latin grammar when I'm pissed.

Thankful, however, am I that I can see but not feel.

I used to love. I did love. I love no more. I wish I'd paid attention in first year uni.

In vino, veritas. In  wine there is truth.

Does this go for beer as well?

Beer keeps me honest. I dislike that I loved another without him loving me back at any stage. I dislike that I fell for his charms. I dislike that I was such a fool.

I dislike that I fell for him so hard and so fast.

I like that I recognise this now.

I loved him. I love him no longer.

I love myself. First person reflexive. Rarely used. What a pity.

But that was the past. Beer is possibly my friend. Beer is my friend.

In beer there is truth.

The only truth found in beer is that I will not make my 8 kilometre run in the morning, my appointments might be late and I have pondered the realisation that the man I loved for the last two years never loved me back.

And there is the pattern.

Beer is my friend. It makes me see the truth. It takes away a little of the pain of the truth.

And I realise that there is sooooo much more out there.

Two panadol and a pint of water are the only cure.

Ego sum pote ad amor

One day I will be able to love.

In beer there is truth,

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