Sunday, January 22, 2012

Find Me Another Day to the Weekend

Okay, the last week has looked like this:

Monday: Gave myself a night off after tripping and falling heavily in the street. My right knee is still blue and purple and I can't kneel on it. The grazed elbow is nearly healed. My pride remains dented.

Tuesday: Book Group, followed by a trip out to Gloria's to donate some flowers for her 60th. Worth it, but tiring.

Wednesday: Went back to dream group. A few buttons were pushed.

Thursday: Saw Pinochet. Full sit ups while carting an 8kg kettle bell in one hand have left my abs shredded.

Friday: Jonella, Mary-Rose and I went and saw something called "Spontaneous Cabaret". A mix of theatre sports and musical theatre. Very fun. Very funny. We were asked to put a song title into "The Bucket of Dreams" at the start of the night - and the cast members improvised songs and styles, asking the audience to vote on the four or five songs started. Mary-Rose's selection waas chosen for votiing - but her song, improvised into the new musical "Believe" didn't make it. Personally, I think a song entitled,"A Unicorn is a Pony with a Strap-on" has a lot of potential.

The three of us had a great night and a good laugh.

Saturday:  Got up, met Kitt at Richmond pool for my first swim training session. Went about 800 metres in under half an hour. Kitt's attempting to correct my stroke. I'm a confident swimmer, but my stroke is crap. I had my last swimming lesson when I was six-years-old - but I've picked up a lot after spending years in swimming pools. If I had more time I'd go and get some lessons to correct my stroke - but for now, Kitt is doing a great job.

An hour later I was scaling the 1000 Steps at Ferntree Gully. Met up with a group from the 12WBT. It was also great to make contact with Bertie, a woman I met on the 2009 Melbourne Half-Marathon. Bertie and I just started running together, our strides about the same. We ran for over 10 kilometres, finding out we're in similar types of work, both from Adelaide and all sorts of other things in common. Last year I ran with her for a bit, but ran ahead after fifteen minutes. Still great to meet up with her again.

The afternoon was spent trying to tame my feral flat, with a little success. The bathroom is clean, the washing and ironing done - what more do you want?

Late afternoon, Trin and Rhee turned up and we made our way to the Botanical Gardens to see a performance of Shakespeare in the Park. We took a picnic, a tarp to sit on and a decent quota of pear cider.

I forgot to warn Trin and Rhee about me and cider. I really like cider. Unfortunately, cider doesn't like me. Well it does like me, but it sends me stupid. Beer keeps me honest, spirits render me voiceless, wine makes me emotional - and cider puts a gleam in my eye, a dopey smile on my face, a raucousness to my laugh and the devil up me. Watch out any man in a ten foot radius. Cider takes my gentle, quiet, unassuming nature and turns me into Fifi La Rue, potty mouthed, vampy sex kitten, with the propensity for singing "Roll Me Over in the Clover" with my legs wagging about in the air. Well that is after three pints of Scrumpy. Two bottles of pear cider and I have the gleam in my eye, the raucous laugh and my poor friends wondering where sedate, plain spoken Pand had gone.

The performance of "Behind the Scenes of A Midsummer Night's Dream" was FANTASTIC. Have not laughed that much in ages. Incredibly silly, very smart and great fun, I'm hoping to go again. It was a great night. The line of the night came after an on-stage discussion of Andrew Lloyd Webber's new musical "Paint Never Dries."

Sunday: Read my book for a bit before going to pump. Came home. Was going to drop out and see Blarney and Maow Maow, but Blarney's ill. Did some writing and got ready for Gloria's afternoon birthday party.

After getting back from the shindig held in the Docklands, I made my way out to Mary-Rose's place. Jonella had dropped her spare bike off and it needed collecting. It appears this triathon is happening. Thankful that Mary-Rose's bike mad brother was about, I got a lesson in how to put the bike together as it was in three pieces when I go there and being a cycling nuffer, needed some help. I'm pleased to say I can put the thing together and take it apart with ease now. It's no harder than putting an AK-47 together (another story for another time, but yes, I can strip down and rebuild a standard issue machine gun..)

Mary-Rose also asked if I'd like to come and do cat duty with her. See, Mary-Rose works at her local vet, and on weekends, she checks in on the moggies boarding at the practice. I jumped at the chance. After spending 15 minutes cuddling this gorgeous black kitten (who climbed all over me, purring incessantly) and spending time with this black and white skunk like arrangement called Sylvester, who looks like his cartoon namesake, and Oscar, the fat ginger long haired fellow, I went home very happy - still wondering if I could steal the kitten...

Came home early this evening, tired but happy.

And now I need another day for the weekend.

I'm interviewing tomorrow and Tuesday. I've got writing and editing work to do. There's some stuff I have to complete for the consultancy. There's dream group. There's training with Pinochet. I have to get a 'skewer' for Jonella's bike as I've been told there's a chance I'll do a face plant if I use the one that's on the bike at the moment. There's a 90 minute spin class and a BBQ to go to on Australia Day. Then's it's off to Adelaide for Manhand's 40th next weekend.

Please can I have another day for the weekend?


Life is good - but it's bloody busy.



Kath Lockett said...

Your last sentence says it all - life is good.... even if it is bloody busy!

Best of luck with your interviews.

River said...

I only work four days a week, so I get long weekends all the time. I'm so used to it now, the weekends still slip by too fast.
My swim stroke is non existent. I just splash my way through the water any-old-how.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

I was exhausted just reading that. Where do you get your energy from?

And yes - we need another day for the weekend.

I have made a note of this for a campaign which I will start in February after the current blogathon.

I take it I will have your full support.