Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo February - Day Three

Sangeet, Christchurch, 2008

One of the things that I love about my life is some of the interesting places I find myself with no warning.

This day was not so much a strange day or event, but it was unexpected in many ways.

This shot was taken in Christchurch, New Zealand, about four years ago. I was over the ditch visiting my friend Geetangeli and her husband and she took me along to a friend's Sangeet - a pre-wedding party for an Indian bride. Not one to say no to a party, complete with Indian sweets, I jumped at the chance, knowing only my friend and nobody else and knowing that there would be a feed of gulab jamuns at the end of it. Can't say no to gulab jamuns. 

The party was held at this architectural wonder of a house high on the nearly cliff like hills outside of Christchurch. I wonder if the house was damaged in the recent earthquakes. I was standing at the house's entrance looking down a light trap - and this is what I saw. Cool, eh!

However, here I was, one of the few people at the party not in a sari or a salawar kameez, but I was made to feel very welcome.

The colours of India take my breath away. Even if we're in downtown Christchurch.

I remember a friend telling me how on coming to Melbourne that should couldn't believe how everybody wore black - there were so many wonderful colours out there to wear - why would they choose to wear dull old black all the time?

That comment has stuck with me and I do make and effort to wear colour now - even if it feels a bit strange to be out of the "Melbourne Uniform".


The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

I've been to three (or is it four?) Indian weddings - and the bride and groom were wonderfully dressed - with amazing colours.

Makes a great spectacle in grey Britain.

Great photo.




Kath Lockett said...

Gorgeous picture and I love the blue rug on the floor too.

I'm a stickler for Melbourne Black, only because I can blend in, I hope that it's as slimming as all the experts say and it matches everything I own!

Robert Sinton said...

Sadly, this amazing house did not survive the quakes. Everyone got out safely, but they won't ever be able to return to it. Like many other homes in that area, aftershocks and gravity are  now slowly tearing it to pieces over the crumbling edge of a cliff face.

The family (I see three generations in this picture) were luckier than many, as they had kept their old house as a rental and were able to move back there—in a less badly-hit area—shortly afterwards. They are holding up well, but I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to have capped your working life (running a dairy, of course) with a beautiful architecturally-designed dream home, only to have it shaken to pieces after just a few years.


Pandora Behr said...

Thanks for the update Robert. It is great to hear that everybody got out safely, but as you say, such a horrible loss not to be able to go back to that amazing spot.

Hope the two of you are well.