Sunday, September 2, 2012

Elephant Hunting Part IV

It seems that if I can't find contract work as a technical writer / instructional designer, I could always go and be an Elephant Hunter somewhere.

Continuing along the river, once we left the swimming lellyphunt, we found this one trying to be a natural Australian, covering itself in frill-necked lizards and kangaroos.

Taking the lellyphunt count to 31 - I knew that I had to finish this massive job - and soon.

So the following lunch time I went a walking around the Docklands. There had been a tip off.

"Outside the NAB, go have a look." A number of friends had said. Sure enough, there in Friday casual was another of the buggers.

Stumbling up towards the Docklands proper, we found a poor lellyphunt that had been run  over by the bike path.

A jaunt around the river near the casino found me two more of the buggers. First up, a lellyphunt posing as a Melbourne Storm player.

And of course, no parade of lellyphunts would be complete without an Elvis impersonator.

With the count at 35 lellyphunts, I had to keep going.

So I went out early from work and went hunting around the Markets - something I'm not used to doing on a bright morning before work.

The first one found was painted up like a lovely Ming vase. I love how they've worked in the lellyphunt puppy in utero in the design. (They are called lellyphant puppies, aren't they - like cats have kittens and rabbits have vermin and Essendon supporters have demon spawn for offspring)

Just around the corner was another lellyphunt covered in parrots, though you had to look hard to see that. Most people would think that the lellyphunt was wearing paisley pyjamas.

A walk down the part of the markets that I've never been before bore fruit. This wonderful lellyphunt stood in patches, waiting for the arrival of the onions.

Then, on the walk back to the office, awaiting the start of the day, we found this lellyphunt waiting for a tram in the middle of a traffic island. Silly place for a lellyphunt if you ask me.

A walk around to the Botanical Gardens also bore fruit. There waiting by a big monument to some dead king was this gem of a lellyphunt all covered in toucans and other exotic animals that wouldn't know a lellyphunt if they ran into it.

The count now is forty lellyphunts found.

Allegedly there are fifty to find in total.

Pandora Behr, Elephant Hunter extraordinaire had better get her bum into gear.

To be continued...


The Elephant's Child said...

Mega thanks. Again.

Kath Lockett said...

They're all beautiful and I love your term 'lellyphunts' - who did them?