Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eight Freaking Months!

Our Prime Minister, Jooooliyaar, announced an election today.

The date - 14 September. Yom Kippur (or as I call it, Yum, Kippers)

Eight months away.

We have eight, long, freaking months of electioneering. Eight, long, boring, excruciating months with Tony Freaking Abbott on our screens.

What are my choices? Don't watch the news? Don't read the paper? Wish we had a CIA to take the git out? Wish some nasty accident on him?

The answer is no to all of these - although there is a part of me that wishes we had a crack arm of the CIA, a la Grosse Point Blanke to take care of the situation.

You never know, we might get an effective secret service by then.... eight freaking months is a very long time.

Really, I don't wish Tony Abbott dead - just not leading our opposition. Narrow-minded, bigotted misogynist that he is - I DO NOT WANT THAT MAN LEADING OUR COUNTRY.

The only other person I've ever held such dislike for was John Howard - who had many of Abbott's traits, namely views that are stuck back in 1950's White Australia, wowserish society.

If I hear the phrase, "Stop the Boats" again I will scream.

(Lisa Wilkinson put him in his place a few weeks ago... and I urge people to watch this. She tore him up - and good on her. This is one HUGE reason as to why I dislike this man so much.)

I'm going to go to bed now to read my book and not think about what the next eight freaking months will bring - I just want to see the country run effectively - and how can this be done if we have eight freaking months of a campaign of morons.

Oh, just for the record - I'm not anti-Liberal Party. I just cannot stand their leader. I don't know if I would mind so much Malcolm Turnbull was running for the leadership of the country - he's a bit more moderate.

For those out of Australia, think of this as an Obama / Romney sort of race. I'm not saying Jooooliyaar is an Obama - but I see her as the lesser of two evils.

I think I might just have to look for work in New Zealand.

But as it has been pointed out to me - maybe its time the intelligent people stayed here and didn't look for asylum outside of what could be a great country.

Maybe its time to start asking the hard questions on how we're going to fix the schools and the hospitals and the roads and the climate and the welfare state and get REAL answers as to what is to be done.

And maybe, just maybe, we could change our electoral policies so that compulsory voting is taken off the table so that those who don't give a toss don't turn up. (And yes, I do know that it is compulsory to turn up to a polling booth, not to actually cast a ballot - still, if the nuffers didn't have to turn up, then they wouldn't vote... and I think this would be fairer as those who want to have a say have a say - rather than give every Tom, Dick and Bogan a reason to mess things up).

This has really made my freaking day.



Kath Lockett said...

Just vote for the Greens. Humanity, common sense and intelligence. Done.

whitenectarine said...

I hadn't seen that interview. Goodonya Lisa!

The Elephant's Child said...

Yay Lisa. Shudder Mr Rabbit. And you are right, he and Johnnie have far too much in common. I despise both of their attitudes on so many things which are important to me.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Elections - HATE 'EM!!!

I've only heard of Tony Abbott since reading your blog - don't like the sound of him at all.

Eight months is terrible. Four weeks here almost drove me nuts!

Poor Ozzies...




Bron said...

Great interview. He really is a muppet.