Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Cat's Pyjamas

Some of the best ideas come from the strangest places.

In my case, the idea came from

This eponymous website where people post funny photos of their animals with witty slogans is known over the world. Although not a regular reader, occasionally I'll dib into the Cheezburger website for a look and a giggle.

The other notable instance in my life over the last two weeks has been the inclusion of Maow Maow. Barney and Blarney are over in Tasmania. Maow Maow's been with me for about a fortnight. Regular readers will be aware that Maow Maow is my familiar. We're close and have a rather unique friendship. He's the bestest cat in the world, even though he isn't mine. We get on well. He likes sitting on me. I cart him round like a baby at parties - more for his own protection.

However, the down side of Maow Maow (I didn't name him) is that he has noxious allergies which cause him to scratch and bite himself until he bleeds. It's quite distressing for all concerned as these alergies appear to be getting worse. When Barney dropped him off he was looking like a patchwork puss, albeit a healing one. The patch on his neck which had needed stitching a few weeks back was clear skin, and the patch on his back about the size of my had was coming good, albeit bare of fur. Not a particularly attractive look.
I was also advised that Maow Maow needed to be given a pill every day. Not a biggie. Maow Maow is pretty good when it comes to pills - nothing like what people say (Or maybe I'm just good at giving cat's tablets) He takes his medicine most mornings like a good boy. Give him a kiss and a cuddle and some breakfast after and he's fine.

However, in the days I've had Maow Maow, he's started scratching again and he's covered once again in ulcerated sores. It's dreadful. He's of the habit of climing under the covers during the night - he's bled all over the covers. It's just not good at all.

When Blarney and Barney get back from holiday he's being taken to a cat skin specialist for allergy testing, but this doesn't stop my 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets from being smeared with cat blood. I also feel for the little fellow. Scratching and biting himself til he bleeds can't be comfortable, although he seems to be in a good and happy place for the most part.

Barney also bought his jumper over when he brought the cat around. Maow Maow has regularly been put in a jumper to stop him scratching himself. Mind you, the one he has at the moment he can get out of pretty easily. I've tried - he wriggled out of it two minutes later.

And then there came the Cheezeburgers. This was posted on a friend's web page:

And an idea was born.

A trip to Target on the way home - thankfully there was a sale on kids clothing. $5 later we were sorted. Being mindful of the fact that he's a rather proud and regal animal, we thought that purple would be the way to go. Blarney has a tendency to buy him pink jumpers.

Next thing, cut the feet out of the legs of the grow suit (or onesie as some call it)

Next job dress the boy. When you have a compliant and trusting cat, this is easier than you think.

And at the end of it all, you have a cat in a grow suit. 

Who doesn't look impressed in the slightest.

Strange thing is, as stupid as he looks, he got why I was doing this to him. That night, he slept in his onesie, all night, under the covers, next to me. And in the morning, his skin was looking a lot better.

He's gone home now. The first thing Blarney and Barney did was throw his onesie back on. Maow Maow climbed into my lap as the boys ran around welcoming him back. Seems for all the torment I've put him through, he still loves me.

Maybe I am the cat's pyjamas after all.


Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

I could safely put PJ's on two of my cats.

The third would rip my head off.




Jackie K said...

Doesn't he look gorgeous in his widdle purple suit. Love the rolled up sleeves.
My dog has a jumper as he sleeps outside. Not sure our cat would accept one.