Sunday, September 15, 2013

Making Life Better

One of my latest ventures into the world of social media has me posting with the tag at the front of the post "Making Life Better".

I probably should hashtag it - you know, #makinglifebetter - but that sounds like an advertisement for kitchen appliances. Besides, the only time I twitter is to gently troll such hashtags as #askbolt. I mean, of course I want to ask Andrew Bolt when he's going to piss off away from our screens on Sunday morning and give the spot back to Ren and Stimpie. Like that is a given.

Anyway, after six weeks of acrimony about the place, most of it directed at Tony Abbott and the soon to be sworn in government, it was time to change tack. So the arsehole got into government. Doesn't mean I think any of ideas are any good. Doesn't mean he can speak in anything other than three word propaganda bites. Doesn't mean that I'm going to fixate on bringing down the bigoted, toadying wanker. No.

So the day after the election I took myself off to the gym for the regular Sunday morning pump class. As I was setting up, hot, cute guy with the great back muscles came up to the window of the studio and gave me a smile and a wave. Hot, cute guy with the great back muscles has been doing this for a while now - ever since I spotted him working out with Erdin, one of the trainers I'm friendly with. Hot, cute guy was doing cables - and this rip in his shoulders was enough to render me speechless. He's not your normal roid-supping grunter that inhabits the weights section of the gym. He's cute - and I haven't noticed him smelling like a tin of tuna.

Made life a little better it did.

Since then, I've been trying to find things to make life a little better - take my mind off the pending shortsighted political doom and try and keep life a bit more up-beat.

Making life better was born.

I've been aware for some time that I have a pretty charmed life. Okay, I don't have the bloke, I don't have a great place to live, my car is special to me, but nothing special when it comes down to it. I don't do anything particularly special with my work - but I like what I do, which is better than half the population.

Now is the time to focus on the positives. Be the change you want to see - and I really, really want to see a cleverer, smarter, more compassionate, thoroughly grateful, environmentally aware, forward thinking Australia. This means want to try and encompass these attributes.Look to the positive. Look to the future.

What is it they say that like attracts like?

Well, it seems my little posts get a bit of recognition.

Along with the smile and wave from cute, hot guy with great back muscles, other things that have made life infinitely better:

- A nice day to walk to work.
- The courage to say no to a recruitment agent when you know a permanent job in Mount Waverley would suck the life out of you. Being true to yourself is good. 
- Honey and macadamia choc tops, great films (The Best Offer - Geoffrey Rush at his best) and 100 Vietnamese restaurants on the way home - like go the Loi Loi. Hurrah for Tight Arse Tuesday.
- Quickly obtained job interviews
 Poached eggs for breakfast - and having the time to cook them before your walk to work.
- Friday night runs to slough off the week
- Access to a bubble bath, a book and a gin and tonic - all at once.
- Working out that the best way to get to work is by bike - and knowing where you can borrow onewhile you're on the contract.

I know they seem like little things, but this is the stuff that makes life so much better. Why sweat it on the big stuff, when it's the little stuff that matters most?

The positive attitude seems to have started to have an impact. I do have a new role. 

This could have been a real downer. I was told that my contract, which had originally been extended until the end of the year, was being cut back to the end of September because work had dried up.

Rather than get down and grumpy about this, I got on the tom-toms, contacted a few people, started a gentle look around knowing that I had three weeks to look. At least I'd have a good start.

An email to one recruitment consultant bore fruit. He called Monday, asking me to come in to see him the following day. On the Tuesday we discussed a permanent role, which being located the sticks, was rejected, but another role - a four month role quite near home sounded promising.
Wednesday morning, the agent called back saying that the company wanted to see me.
Thursday 9 am - interviewed with the company. Thursday 10.30, got a verbal offer on the grounds of a reference check.
Friday after lunch, I was asked to start at the company on the following Monday.

Thankfully, my current role is releasing me even earlier. If I'm honest, though part of me has loved being back at Sparks and Ladders, the atmosphere has been different and a  it difficult at times and the project has had its ups and downs. My job has been coming to an end for a while and I was wandering what I'd be doing for the last few weeks I was there. Being let go is a win-win scenario.

Okay, I was proactive about looking for work - not that I had to look far or hard. I'm lucky that I have good experience and a good CV.

But I put it down the the positive attitude. Positive things come to those who are positive.

Well, that's my take on things.

Then you get the unexpected wows that just blow you away.

I was up in Sydney visiting friends this weekend. My hotel room had a large bath - something I took advantage of reading my book, gin and tonic nearby, bubbles up to my chin. Bliss after a positive but very stressful week. 

This morning, on leaving my hotel I went for a wander around the streets of Sydney and stumbled across this magic street. Angel Place it's called. The alley was surrounded by birdsong.

Okay it's installation art and there are such artworks all around the world.

I just like to add it the positive things that keep turning up in my life. 

Little bits of everyday beauty and magic.

When you focus in the good and the fun and the beautiful and the enjoyable - no matter how small, it's amazing how things become so much less hassled.

Give it a try - Find one thing every day that makes life a bit better. It's a matter of perspective - playing peekaboo with a baby on a tram - patting a puppy - an excellent cup of coffee - rainbows - finding "that" pair of shoes" on sale... little things.

I'd love to hear how you get on. 


Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Sounds good to me. Despite the odd rant, I do try to be positive - even when swearing and ranting at work. If a rant of mine makes my work buddies laugh then I am happy.

So Tony Abbott got in, eh? I'm sure the whole world will learn all about him now; Aussie politics have been quite interesting in recent months.

Don't worry about that either - I hate the current UK government too - despite the fact that the PM is a fellow "Dave".




Bron said...

What a great post Pand -,have really enjoyed reading having my lunch....

Jackie K said...

Good advice. Gorgeous photo x