Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lost Items

One of the bad things about having a really good memory is that losing things really irritates the hell out of you. Living in a state of organised chaos, I can find you all sorts of things in my flat – I know where all of my tarot study notes are, not that I've looked at them in ages.. I can locate a book within a minute of looking for it – and I have a lot of books to sift through. I know what clothing is in the wash and what clothing is on the clothes horse. It’s the way I run. Good memories are made for disorganisation.

So, not being able to find something really rankles me.

Case in point – I've lost one of my weight lifting gloves. Just one. I’m going to pump at the moment and I look like Michael Jackson hauling weights. The right hand has my normal Harbinger material and leather glove. The other hand is naked. Where the left hand glove has gone, I have no idea. I’m looking for it. I hope it will turn up soon, I feel silly only wearing one glove in the gym – it makes me look like a prat. And callouses on one palm look quite suspect.

The other thing that has gone walkabout recently is my diary. Thankfully not my journal – this blog has that part function. No, I've lost my day book – a small, ring bound grey volume that holds my life on the page. It also has the moon phases in it, along with a number of pieces of paper that are of importance - namely a few movie vouchers, a list of oils to be taken to meditation, the odd summons to my monthly Elks meeting and my lastest hot water bill.

I've tracked back to when I last saw the book - which was Friday night. I went in to town after work to collect the mail. I don't remember seeing it after that.

Silly thing is, I know that most people now use their phone as a diary - a mix of email, computer programs and other electronic pieces to run their lives. My paper diary was the one place where I knew everything was stored. I could see what I was doing from week to week. I'm so used to checking with the little grey book before making plans. It has my Elks Dates, Book Group dates, birthdays, which weekends are meditation weekends, theatre dates... the list goes on.

I feel a bit lost without it.

On the one hand, looking for it has meant that the flat has been gone over and cleaned property. The couch can now have two people sitting on it - not one. The coffee table has been rearranged. I've even gone over my kitchen junk table to look for it. It's been wiped down and cleaned - it's the tidiest it's been since I've lived here.

Still - no diary.

I've called the places I've remembered being at since Friday night - no joy there. Mind you, can you see a 16-year-old cleaning a movie theatre between sessions finding a nondescript grey book  and taking it to Lost Property - no - me neither.

Have to admit, I feel at a loss without it. It's like my life has gone away.

So until I either buy a new Moon Diary (seems a bit pointless for the three months left in the year) I've filled in the bits I can remember. Things like taking Jonella to High Tea at Heide for her birthday. Also, the birthdays I can remember, the trip to New Zealand, a few other bits and pieces are not in the iPhone. 

But it's not the same.

I went online and bought a new pair of weight lifting gloves off eBay. They're a needed piece of equipment. If the left hand one turns up, well, I can find a use for fingerless gloves - use them for bike riding gloves. 

The diary - that loss is hitting me harder. Better ring my gas hot water provider and ask them to send the bill again... ho hum.

(p.s. The other glove turned up - in the Pandora's Box that is my back pack. It was in with about 15 hair ties, a mash of old band aids, the odd panadol, Indonesian Rupiah coins, lip balm and a favourite red lipstick that I also thought had gone walkabout. Also, unless the bag also functions as a tardis, no diary)


Jackie K said...

Oh no - I can relate. I use my phone as diary but I still have a paper diary as well - in fact two. One large filofax-type thing in the kitchen which holds (supposedly) everything, plus various bits of paper of importance at the back; and a small month-to-a-page booklet I carry in my bag with appointments and important days noted.
I'd be put out if I lost either one.
Could you have left it on top of the mailboxes at the post office?
Losing the movie vouchers is the worst bit!

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

I think its an age thing (sorry to bring that up). I am older than you and the frequency with which I misplace things is increasing - along with the inevitable frustration.