Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Shout Out the Answer Meme

At an airport after a lovely weekend enjoying some sunshine and warmer weather. My jumper will be going on just before I board the plane, my coat is at the top of my bag ready for arriving in Melbourne where there will be a ten degree temperature drop.

Questions, as always, courtesy of Sunday Stealing.

1.  Do you shout out the answers when watching television quiz shows?

Always. I'm annoying like that (and right 95% of the time).

2. Do you get over involved with television or movie plots at times?

Oh yes. I will yell at the telly if I don't like what a character is about to do. I yell at Dr Blake all the time. It's good that I live alone.

3. What's the highest hill or mountain you've every climbed?

Unsure, but Wat Doi Suthep in Thailand feels right. It was a big hike from the car park.

4. Do you have a piggy bank?

No. Just a couple of bank accounts.

5. What's the fastest you've travelled in a car?

About 110 miles an an hour he motorways in England. Many years ago.

6. Have you ever hand milked a cow?

Yes. I grew up around dairy farms. Haven't all kids?

7. What is your favourite science? Biology, Chemistry or Physics?

Chemistry. Strangely good at it topped the subject in my last year of school. I can still recite the first twenty elements on the periodic table.

8. Have you ever had a surprise party that was an actual surprise?

No. My friends aren't that organised and they know I hate surprises.

9. Have you ever word clothing with the tags / labels still attached?

No. I'm good at taking them off once I've got them home.

10. Have you ever slipped on a banana skin?

No. Has anybody done that outside of cartoons?

11. Are you scared of the dark?

Depends where I am. Around the house - no. Walking home from the tram at 11 pm along dark streets can be a bit uncomfortable.

12. Do you have a lawyer?

No. But I have enough friends who are lawyers. I'd like to think I could get emergency legal advice pretty easily.

13. If you had a paid year off what would you do?

I think I'd write my novel - and get really, really fit again. You need time to get really, really fit.

14. How long was your last phone call?

Most of my phone calls are about two to three minutes. I think it was on Friday night, I had to tell my leg waxer I was going to be a bit late because the police had our building in lock down. (Christopher Pyne's book launch - there were more protesters and police than people at the launch - all a run of the mill Friday night... by the way, I saw Christopher Pyne at the airport. He's shorter than I remember him. And I didn't heckle. I wanted to, but I wanted to make my plane. I did want to ask him how he felt about having a book launch for a book that might make say $20,000 and wasting probably close to half a million on the security detail and the police involvement.)

My last skype call, however, was just off three hours long. That's a bit of a record for me.

15. Have you ever helped somebody across the road?

Yes.They were drunk. I didn't want them falling over.

16. Have you ever been wolf-whistled in the street?

With the Adam Goodes saga going on here, I think this might be the next hot topic. (I stand with Adam, not that anybody will ask. We live in an inherently racist country, it's time we looked at this and realised how this revolting behaviour impacts on people. He have to deal with this.)

So have I been wolf whistled in the street. Yes. And spat on, and shouted at, and harangued and you name it. I'm paid 17% less than my male counterparts,  I'm seen as a second class citizen in the eyes of a few. I'm used to having my opinions ignored. My sanitary items are taxed. I've been groped up, looked up, suggested to and followed home - all against my wishes.

So yes, I've been wolf whistled in the street - and I'd like to take a baseball bat to the wankers.

Not only do we live in a racist country, we live in a sexist one too. And it has to stop.

And I'm going to play the musical version of the Misogyny Speech again because Julia Gillard speaks for me. It's not everybody, but it's a dreadful overhang from our past - when men thought they owned women. Some men still think they do. Again, why is it our Minister for Women will do nothing to look at the dreadful domestic violence epidemic we've always had? Eh? Anybody?

Not now. Not ever.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box now.


Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

1. Me too - but I'm right ALL of the time!! :-)

2. Ditto - I shout out plot holes - and I don't live alone!!!

5. Tut tut! They know where you live you know.

7. Ditto - I love chemistry but I was a bit of a disaster when it came to practicals.

Nice meme.




CountryDew said...

I loved your soap box. You may stand on it any time as far as I'm concerned.