Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Martial Arts Meme

Running very late.

Too much on.

Questions thanks to Sunday Stealing.

Who was the last person that you held hands with?

I really cannot remember holding hands with anybody in the last ten years. Seriously.

Are you loud, outgoing or shy?

I'm a strange mix of all three - I'm very shy but rather social.

Who are you looking forward to see?

My friend Geetangeli. Going to New Zealand in a fortnight for a few days.

Are you easy to get along with?

Most of the time.

Have you ever given up on someone, only to let them back into your lives? Why?

Yes. I got hurt again. He's had his last chance.

If you were ill, which TV doctor or nurse would you want to take care of you?

Dr Gregory House - though I would prefer if I was not that sick. Hawkeye from MASH would be good too.

Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

Depends on who I'm talking about sex with.

Who was the last person that you had serious conversation with?

My manager on Friday.

What was the last text message you received about?

Telling Blarney I was on my way over to her place.

Do you believe in luck and/or miracles?

To a point. you mostly make your own luck, but miracles  can happen - but they are rare.

What good thing happened this summer?

It's not summer yet. Summer is two months away. Last summer was crap. Dead niece and a break up.

Convince us why we should or should not believe in life on other planets?

Why should we - it's a big universe. Are we really that arrogant as a race?

Who was your first crush on?

Mark Holden. I was five.

Favorite part of daily routine?

My morning coffee. The shower beforehand is pretty good too.

Do you like your neighbours?

I do. My downstairs neighbours are lovely. Quiet but friendly. I look after their cat when they go away. Good people to have downstairs.

What’s your worst feature?

I really don't like my stomach. It's fat. End of story.

Have you ever had trust issues?

Hell, yes.


CountryDew said...

I think everybody has trust issues, and I would distrust anybody who didn't!

Zippi Kit said...

Liked your answers a lot. Have a great holiday in New Zealand. Hope it will help you in every way to recharge Life's batteries.

I think that a lot of people are arrogant in this inhuman race. It starts with exclusion, based on many, many things, that can and have, turned groups of humans into raving maniacs all down through the ages to the present day. Very few "groups" has been immune to this call of the wild, either.