Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Empty Spot on the Couch

Sunday Night is a bit sacred to me. It's always been my night for me, my television and ironing night, the night I use to regroup and recharge for the week ahead. Normally the weekend is a busy time for me, doing everything from meditation to massage, running, cleaning , going out with friends. Some weekends are frantic, this one has been mellow.

This evening , my tummy is replete, my toes and fingers pretty after a lovely girlie afternoon with a friend and my paid writing job is one piece closer to being finished - four pages to go.

It's also good television night here. I admit to being a complete luddite on a few things. Tacky telly and tomato sauce are my two major crimes against sophisticated civilisation.

So tonight, this year's Biggest Loser started. I sit and watch a group of people, very overweight, all with their own stories, running a four kilometre race. Suddenly, I feel very, very proud of myself. I was there two years ago. I'm not now.

There is a hole in the evening, however. The Biggest Loser is a show I've shared for the last two years. Grounded Dutchman and I used to watch this together. Whether having dinner at each other's place, or chatting over the phone as it played. It doesn't feel the same. The fact that Grounded Dutchman is a long streak of piss who grumbles when his ironing board tummy turns to a small pot, making him look a bit like a grey haired Magic Pudding is beside the point. It's just different not having him there, shaking his head, being my illicit Tim Tam eating, bad telly watching partner-in-crime.

I don't admit to missing him much now - for heaven's sake, he's just a friend I used to watch the box with, nothing more. He's back in Holland trying to get his life back. Sunday nights, I just wish he was here.

Enough melacholy. There's wonderful things to look forward to this week. Other than Dream Group, no commitments, so lots of gym, study and writing time. Of course there is my daily eight hour stint at the telecommunications company of String, Tin Can and Whistle Ltd, with a lunchtime run or two in the week. It's good when there's nothing happening - gives me a chance to do different things.

Tarot Card for the Blog: Pick a card, any card.

Temperance. The restoration of balance. Healing. Reconciling dreams with the self. One step in front of the other. Climbing rainbows.

An interesting pick.


p.s I missed a goal last blog. To buy no more books until I have read a shelf full of the unread books I have in my collection. I have three shelves of unread books. Ulysses, Midnights Children, a heap of De Bernieres and Atwood, the last Artemis Fowl and Lemony Snicket and a few other notables sit there are waiting to be read. Book group books excepted.

Kilometres walked since 29 Jan: 7
Kilometres run since 29 Jan: 0
Currently reading: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

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