Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snippets from February

So, over February I was busy posting photos and I didn't get to reflect on what was going on around the place. It was a great exercise, but I look back at February and think, "Wow, did that all happen?"

So here are a few snippets from February.

Discovery of the month: Elastic shoelaces.

The triathlon was a few days ago. Of the elastic laces, Jonella was always at me to tuck away my shoe laces when I'm on the bike - she reminded me about that mercilessly. Ultimately, when riding, just like when running, they'd come loose and I get scared that they're going to get caught up in the chain - so I shoved elastic laces in my runners. No laces coming loose. No shoelaces - just toggles. Wish I'd discovered them years ago.

Faux Pas of the Month:

Glen Waverley's Porsche has arrived in the country and he's finally got it in his custody after a few weeks of having it go through the rigmarole of checks, balances, undeadening the battery, registering it etc. Every time we spoke he would tell me of the ensuing dramas. It appears it's easier to adopt a child than bring in a classic car into the country.

Anyway, late in February one Saturday morning, around 8 a.m. the phone rings. It's Glen Waverley. Would I like to go for a quick ride in his Porsche. I said that a lap of the block would be lovely, but it was my mediation morning and he's have to be quick. He said he was sitting outside in the car.

Being eight in the morning, not-showered, bed-haired, freshly roused from slumber and barely dressed, I had a choice. Send him away or shove on a dressing gown and go. I chose the latter. So I sneaked outside, found him, got into the 1973 yellow Porsche 911 and Glen Waverley took me for a ride around Richmond.

Thing is, my summer dressing gown is a shorty kimono arrangement. I managed to shove on some knickers and thongs in the process, but Glen Waverley just laughed at the sight of me. He's seen me in my dressing gown before - he and Merijn are the people who bring supplies when I get ill - Glen Waverley is like my brother, but seeing this on the street, on a lovely sunny Summer morning. Not a good look.

Ten minutes later, he dropped me off. I joke that it looks like he's dropping off his trollop for the night with me looking so delightfully disheveled. I also joked that I was glad that it was so early that the neighbours wouldn't witness what would look like my apparent downfall.

Glen Waverley let me out of the car (no internal handles on the passenger side you see.) I gave him a peck on the cheek, thanked him for a ride in his jalopy and skipped down the driveway, giggling.

Only to be met at the door by my downstairs neighbour Mel.
Glen Waverley gave me a toot and roared off. For a muscle car, old Porsches have very girlie horns.

"My, my, you've gone up in the world! Where have you been? You look like you've been up to no good at all. Getting dropped off in a classic car. Well done, you! Onya!"

If only she knew...

Exhibition of the Month: Harry Potter at the Powerhouse

I spent a weekend up in Sydney recharging the batteries and visiting friends. Having the Sunday morning free, I took myself off to the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Powerhouse. Being a Potterhead it had to be done. The exhibition isn't coming to Melbourne and knowing that I wouldn't be meeting my old friend until lunch time it gave me something to do in the morning.

Loved the whole thing - okay, except for the fact that the exhibition was filled with kids. It was really well done. Seeing the props and costumes from the movies was great - though I am a purist - I do prefer the books. If you're in Sydney in the next few weeks and enjoy Harry Potter, I highly recommend it.

Catching up with my old friend afterwards was the highlight of the trip. She's a very special person and it was great to finally meet her son. The last time I saw him he was 'in utero'. Will have to go up there again soon.

Book of the Month:

Anna Funder's "All That I Am".

Stunning read - the beauty of her prose had me gasping almost ever page. Phenomenal writer giving presenting an important story. A must read in my opinion.

Film of the Month:

My Week with Marilyn.

Also superlative - Michelle Williams deserved the Oscar nomination - and I'm a little sad she didn't get the gong. Had some of my favorite British actors in it - including Kenneth Brannagh (be still my beating loins - he can plant his boots under my bed any time he wants) and Judi Dench. Well worth it. Also gave me a "hit of home" as I like to call it. Films like this make me miss England even more.

Workmate of the Month.

I've been working as a tech writer / training materials designer back at Bastard Bank for the last few weeks. It's a shame that the contract is nearly over as the work is interesting and the people are great.

The big shame of leaving here in a fortnight's time, other than I have to go job hunting again, is that I have to leave my lovely pod mate behind.

I'm sitting next to Dave. Dave is in his early sixties - he's been tech writing for twenty years. Rides his bike into work on Fridays with his trousers tucked into his socks. Up until recently he lived in England, where he resided to get away from John Howard and his cronies - disgusted with the whole political scene. We talk film and books. I'm going to miss him - he's been one of my favorite pod mates of the last ten years. Actually, the whole team are great. This has been a great gig. Hopefully something just as good, if not better, will be around the corner.

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Kath said...

Love the Porsche story - you neighbour was right to be envious (and a little proud, methinks) of you!

Fingers crossed for a new and better job. Maybe you should stay in touch with your currently lovely pod mate?