Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shame, Shame, Shame

Anybody who's seen my Facebook page will know that I'm not particularly happy at the moment. Not happy at all.

Although life is going well. I like my job, I'm solvent, healthy, fit... life is good in all things bar two.

Our freaking Federal Election and the Mainstream Media.

You can't turn on the television without seeing the mug of Tony Abbott attempting to kiss a baby or Kevin Rudd trying to brush the hair out of his eyes. I will put on record that it really looks as if Tony Abbott is a really, really bad kisser - one of those open mouth dribblers types - poor Margie.)

If it's not a politician spouting some of the most vitriolic, abusive, short-sighted "policy" (Abbott and his cronies have a pamphlet that's posing as their manifarto - whoop de f%^in' dooo) it's something about the Essendon Football Club and the fact that they've been caught doing naughty things with performance enhancing drugs.

So tonight, heading Channel Nine news - Essendon Football Club.

Like what the hell! It's football! Leave it for the last ten minutes of the news bulletin, not the first thing. Besides, it's Essendon. Who the hell cares?

Then we go to the online papers. With the exception of the Guardian, the lead story - effing Essendon, Rudd not being nice to his make up artist and Abbott making a fool of the public with an advantageous to the rich paid maternity scheme.

Practically nothing on policy from either party. Zip - Nada. It's all taking pot shots at each other and cow towing to big business.

Mind you, the #askbolt fiasco on Twitter was a sight to behold. Newscorpse (as it is often referred to) asked their readership to as Andrew Bolt questions about the election. Andrew Bolt is a little right of Hitler in most things political - appalling man. The Twittersphere got hold of this and hilarity ensued.

My question to the nutter "When are you going to get off our televisions on Sunday morning and give Ren and Stimpie their slot back?"

And don't get me started on the printed media. Why is it that a former Australian Citizen, one who rescinded his citizenship to become an American, wants to influence our election so badly. Like sod off Rupert - we can think for ourselves thank you very much.


Why the hell is this AMERICAN octogenarian up to his old tricks here - he's a criminal - look at the News of the World Scandal in the UK. Look at that sewer called Fox News. At least Rupert, being in his eighties cant have that long left - then again, they've said that of Mugabe and Castro - both are functioning with formaldehyde in their veins.

It's criminal that we, the public, are being so badly treated - treated like imbeciles.

Why are we hearing nothing about sensible health policies?
Why are we hearing nothing about the aging population?
What about sustainable extensions to public transport?
What about making this nation a smart one, not a mediocre one? A nation that aspires to be innovative and excellent?
How are out universities going to be funded so that they can be world class?
What are we doing to stop the march of climate change?
What are we doing to protect the environment?
Why can't gay marriage be legalised? Just get on with it.
Why aren't we reminded daily that the church and state need to be separate.

So many questions.

No answers.

The Liberal National Party are spewing their three word propaganda rantings.
The Labor Party are making some rather desperate calls.
The Greens have been rather silent, though not in my electorate where they have a chance - I do hope Adam Bandt gets in again - he's a good local member.
There are a heap of strange and odd parties going for seats in the senate - as always.

I've got a bit to say on senate selection.

With the Liberals preferencing some major league religious, right wing, racist, homophobic wing nuts, there is only one thing to do. Vote under the line. The Victorian Senate Ballot paper is over a metre long. Seriously! Something like 107 candidates, which you have to put a number in  every box. I don't care how long it takes. The Shooters Party, Family First (may they rot in their respective hell) and the rest of the right wing religious nutters can be placed from 80 onwards.

Need I remind people about the outgoing Cory Bernardi who In September, 2012, Bernardi resigned from his position as parliamentary secretary as a result of statements he had made the day before, when he argued that permitting same-sex marriages will lead to legalised polygamy and bestiality.(And this guy comes from South Australia - SHAME SHAME SHAME)

This is one of the scariest times I've seen in Australian Politics.

I like living in a caring, rational, forward-thinking, smart, funny, respectful and tolerant society. One that has the views and concerns of all catered for. One that strives for a better place for all - not just the few.

(Oh, Mr Abbott giving five million dollars to the Brisbane Broncos - a club owned by Rupert Murdoch - greasing the palms of your hyper-rich mates is a REALLY BAD look)

It's all too much to contemplate.

I just want to know why nobody is talking about the real issues and being smart about this.

That feels better. Rant over.

(images sourced from Luke Mansillo and the "Tony Abbott will Never be Prime Minister" facebook page. The meme is mine.)


Jackie K said...

It's been going this way for awhile, but the combined forces of the GFC/recession, minority government and Rudd revenge mission have sped things up considerably, so that this is without a doubt the worst, most depressing and annoying election campaign in Australian history!
As for the mainstream media, there is so much criticism but I think they have improved a lot over the last couple of years. Many newspapers (Murdoch press aside) are evolving quite well to the online shift and there is FINALLY a real fact-checking thing happening across the media this election, with politicians' statements rated as true or false and it's been really well done.
I think it's unfair to criticize the Canberra press gallery, as so many on Twitter do, for reporting what goes on in Parliament and focusing on the political maneuverings etc. That's what their job is. I read The Australian, The Age and the Financial Review, and I think the two Fairfax papers have done a good job covering the election. Elections are always awful.
You never hear much about real policy during an election campaign, but it has definitely got worse. What policy there is seems to be made up on the spot and seems terrible.
Dark days!

Jackie K said...

Oh, and I totally feel the anger in your rant. I feel the same. Worst, least inspiring, most anger-inducing election ever.
Will be interesting to see how many people put in donkey votes this year - will be heaps.
I can't vote Green - just can't - not me and I don't think they offer a credible alternative for managing the country, they are just good on specific issues where the majors fall down. But even I have considered voting Green this time, so that's how bad things are!

Pandora Behr said...

I agree with you in that you have to read around - I've added the Guardian into the mix - they have good, reasonably balanced reporting in the mix.

I've had a couple of people ask me where to go for info about voting under the line from this blog.

Nice to think that maybe you've amde at least one person think.

It's times like these that the intelligent and rational have to start speaking out and speaking out loudly.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Election time brings out the ranter in everybody. I totally feel for you particularly if you have that crook Rupert Murdoch getting involved - just look at the chaos he has caused in the UK!!!

I'd never heard of Tony Abbott until you mentioned him in a previous post and judging from the excerpt we saw on our news here about the debate your two prime candidates had recently I can see why you feel the way you do.

I had elections and I hate politicians. It is a subject guaranteed to wear my soapbox out - even foreign elections.

I would say "Keep Calm and Forget It" but since I struggle to it would be totally hypocritical.

We have to wait until 2015 for our next election - and I am dreading it already.