Saturday, December 28, 2013

When the boss is away

The music will play.

For the first time in eight or nine years I’m working over Christmas. Although I’m grateful for the money and pleased that I’m being kept busy, I’m also very aware that I’m in need of a break. Just having this last Friday off would have been welcome, just be able to sleep in, get to the bank, do a couple of odd jobs that are hard to do when you  work out in the suburbs and generally get life into a bit of order.

Alas, my whole team was in and furiously tapping away at the moment in a half empty office. Again, not a bad thing as it was quiet which meant you can get a lot done. Even better, the big boss is not in until after new years we can put in headphones - department rule, no headphones or earbuds or listening to music at at your desk. It's a rule of the department. It's not something that bothers me that much, but working with a bit of music, especially when you have a lot to write can be a good thing. Even better when the office is noisy as the music lets you zone out a bit. Alas, not to be in this office when the big boss is around. 

So, my working Christmas Friday, I got in at 7.45 am, obtaining a park under the building rather than in the outside car park, went upstairs to find half the team already at work, headphones in everybody's ears.

On of the strange things about being a writer, there are days you get a lot done, while other days you sit there wishing you could be elsewhere. 

The writing gods were kind on Friday, a lot got done with the help of a sound track.

Here's a bit of my playlist - I normally write to classical and instrumental stuff - Philip Glass, Vivaldi, Saint Saens - not yesterday where I was at the mercy of what was on the phone.

Here's a few snippets of what came out on shuffle:

Damien Rice - 9 Crimes and The Blowers Daughter

This guy's voice has haunted me for years, though I couldn't tell you his name. Bought two of his albums with my Christmas iTunes vouchers.  Wonderful. Irish bloke.

Nick Cave

Not being in Australia for most of the 90s, I missed a lot of Nick Cave. He has a sweaty groin of a  voice - something you're only going to get in a preacher's son. Intelligent music.

Yes, this is the current South Australia advertisement song - I don't care. Like most of the stuff Nick Cave puts out, there's a bit of edge and humour to it.

Yann Tiersen

Yout either love or hate Yann Tiersen. I listen to him and think of Paris and surrender fully. Great to write process stuff to.


The soundtrack to "Waiting for Sugarman" has been on my phone for six months. My South African friends adore him. So do I. I'm amazed he hasn't made it in Australia.

Laura Marling

One of my dream group has seen her and reckons she's the best thing to come out of Britain in 20 years. In her early 20's, she's got the most incredible voice. One to watch.

The Smiths

I will admit to being a bit miffed about working on this Friday - but it's nothing that a bit of the Smiths couldn't fix. I don't like all of their stuff - but there are a few gems in the compilation album I have in my possession. This is a favourite too.

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Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

These days music helps get me through the working day - a touch of chillout music, a little classical ditty helps keep the frustration and irritation at bay.

I think I would rebel if that was disallowed.