Monday, February 24, 2014

The Return of Pandora Behr

I don't want to explain why I haven't been blogging. I could, but I'm not going to.

The last six weeks have been a bit interesting. I will say, if I go a fortnight without blogging again, please send the cops or a counselor round to to check on me, I go a bit nuts when I don't write about my life.

Anyway, where I am at the moment.

1. Officially between jobs

My contract at the large supermarket chain ended on Friday. This is a good thing, but it was a good role. It had it's challenges, but I leave the place with friends and some good people to keep in touch with.

2. Officially, I'm on holiday

Heading off to Bali tomorrow morning for nearly three weeks. I'm off back to the same places I went last year. Rather happy about this. After eleven months with little or no break, it's the first time in a long time I've really felt as if I NEED a holiday.

3. Looking forward to doing some of my own writing for a change

A friend, Mannie, from the gym has loaned me her netbook - so I have no excuse. Time to get writing. Writing for me. Yay.

4. Did I say that I was heading off to Bali for 2.5 weeks tomorrow?

5 I've worked out that I can do crowds that flow.

Jay suggested that I go along to the White Night Festival last night. I'm not one for crowds at the best of times, but something said go along. We only spend a bit over two hours at the festival and stayed around the top end of town. We went into the Old Melbourne Jail at night - horridly creepy. We looked on as people stood under manufactured rain under purple lights and had the seminal Prince song playing. It was quite cool. We went into the dome of the State Library and watched 3D projections of virus strains get zapped around the walls. Best of all, at the RMIT, a display of old Mushroom records nostalgia. Jay is a little older than me but we knew a lot of the bands - we'd seen a lot of them in the day - Skyhooks (who played at Jay's year ten formal) The Hoodoo Gurus, Split Ends... the list went on. That was brilliant. for details.

6. Oh, and in Bali, I'll be doing lots of yoga, swimming and drinking duty free gin. Never a bad thing.

7. I'm still horrified at our current government.

Nothing new there.

8. I've been to Adelaide and I took Jonella.

Jonella survived - just. She's worked out that my family are all as barking mad as I am, but despite the fact that they live in Adelaide, they're actually okay. We stayed with my uncle at Victor Harbor. He's the definition of a gentleman. It was nice to spend time with the lot of them, even if they do call me Pandy.

9. I love that in the next few days, the biggest decision I have to make is what duty free gin to by.

Bombay Sapphire, Hendricks or Tanqueray 10.... a hard one.

10. I had a great dream about my cousin, the Anglican Priest and a very large, muscular black man, who I had my arms around and I was playing with this chest hair. Took this one to dream group. Very glad I was not playing with my cousin, the Anglican Priest's chest hair - like that would be wrong.

11. I'm starting to manifest my next role.

Looking like this at the moment - great people, good money, interesting and challenging, but not overly so, in the city (this schlepping out the the burbs isn't for me) something new and something that might be a bit longer term. That is what I would like. We have some more to manifest.

12. Slap the Trainer is going to miss me

Beneath the bald head and the occasionally narky attitude, Slap the Trainer is a really lovely man. I made him a birthday cake earlier in the month. Lemon polenta cake - his favorite. He was also given the instructions not to eat it all at once as it had 80 grams of butter in it, not that he took notice of this.

At training on Thursday, instead of the normal fist knock we all get at the start of the class, I got an awkward hug.

He's gonna miss me while I'm gone these three weeks.

13. Looking forward to another showing of Rocky Horror

I'm going to admit to a guilty secret. I'm rather fond of Craig McLachlan. When he was bogan Henry in Neighbours, wouldn't look at him sideways. Now he's Dr Blake, like PHWOAR.
See the difference?
No thanks - killer mullet

but now
Please can I have your babies...

Okay I'm a sucker for short back and sides, clean cut, suited and flawed. As Dr Blake, he's all of these, I'm just a bit smitten.

Even better, in this new production of Rocky Horror, Dr Blake is playing Frankenfurter.

Dr Blake in spendies - who knew! Can't wait.

14. Did I mention I'm going to Bali.

Must get to bed, but I promise I'll be writing more in the future.


Jackie K said...

Looks like we both had the universe against us the last 2 weeks. Never mind - your next two weeks are going to be great.
I can't even recognize Craig McLaughlan - what a transformation.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Have a great time in - er - where is it you're going again? ;-)