Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Stealing's Fourth of July Meme

I love doing Sunday Stealing's weekly Sunday meme, however, it does have an American bias.

So I'm going to have a bit of fun with this - as I'm as Australian as football (Aussie Rules that is), meat pies (not that I've ever deigned to eat one) kangaroos (like the ones in Mum's garden) and Holden cars.

Oh this will be fun....

1. Are you "proud to be an Australian"?

Normally yes, but since 7 September 2013 when this fascist dictatorship that claim to be a Conservative Goverment with a mandate came in has has started to ruin the lives of millions, I've begun to hang my head in shame. Worst Australian Government ever. They're trying to take away our right to a fair go and the joy of equality. It seriously sucks. If I didn't have so much paperwork to do today I'd be out there demonstrating. (Seriously)

2. Favorite Founding Father?

I've always loved the story or Burke and Wills - two fellows who tried, and died crossing Australia from North to South. They got there, but died in rather tragic circumstances on the way back, their support crew leaving their post in the hours before they arrived there. Their remains were eaten by dingoes. A bit tragic that.

3. Favorite Prime Minister?

I used to say that Gough Whitlam was my favourite Prime Minister - a bit of a larrikin, then again, up until the reptilian slime of an amoeba who calls himself our Prime Minister, most of our Prime Ministers have been a bit quirky. Malcolm Fraser has a special place in my heart at the moment as he's the only person who seems to be talking sense. I also have a soft spot for Julia Gillard. An excellent administrator who put up with far more than any woman ever should have. I give you a musical version of her best ever speech. We need more women like her.

4. Biggest "Patriotic Moment"?

Sitting at a citizenship ceremony when my friends Alice, Dougal and Jasper became citizens. That was pretty special.

5. Favorite patriotic song?

As Rolf Harris is now sitting in prison rotting, I can't really say it's "Tie Me Kangaroo Down" any more.

I suppose my favourite Australian song that is the most Australian that I know would be "I was only Nineteen". An anti-war song from the late eighties. It's haunting - and strangely patriotic.

6. Favorite Australian cuisine?

Nothing beats an Australian barbeque, with sausages, chops, barbequed onions on white bread with lots of tomato sauce (ketchup I think you Yanks call it) with a pavlova to follow... though my Kiwi friends will try and tell you that the pavlova is an invention from New Zealand.

7. Happiest political moment of your life?

Watching John Howard lose his seat and have Kevin Rudd take over as Prime Minister in 2007. That was brilliant.I hugely disliked John Howard - but not as much as I cannot abide Tony Abbott - and god I hope he suffers the same fate as Howard, rarely to be seen again, ever, if he doesn't end up in a European prison for crimes against humanity and that is if his party or an assassin's bullet don't get him first.

8. Best fireworks display you've ever seen?

The displays in the Yarra during the 2004 Commonwealth Games were very special. I wonder what happened to the big fish that were sitting in the Yarra River during that time.

9. Australia's gift to the world?

We've given the world lots of things. Wi-Fi internet, the cochlear implant and the Hills Hoist are all up there.

10. Does Australia need a Bill of Rights?

Maybe, jury is out on that one. An elected President would be a good thing. Save us from dipshits like Tony Abbott misrepresenting us at every turn. This is what happens when he's questioned by a group of 14-year-olds. Beggars belief. Completely embarrassing.

11. Favorite Australian Holiday?

Even if it means getting up at 4 am to be at the Shrine of Remembrance at 6 am - ANZAC Day I do hold dear.

12. Favorite Canberra monument?

The Australian War Memorial is one of the most moving monuments I've ever had the pleasure to go to. The museum underneath is fantastic too - a must see for all Australians.

13. Your dream for Australia's future?

Currently, my dream for Australia is to be rid of the fascists (I'm just calling out the neo-conservative, idealogic wingnuts) who are currently running the country and turn it back into the internationally caring, environmentally and scientifically respectful country where everybody gets a fair go and everybody is included no matter how much money they have or power they yield. Idealist - yes, but the way things are going, I'll be looking for a new country to live in soon.


Elephant's Child said...

LOVE the musical version of our Julia's speech. Thank you - I hadn't heard it before.
And, at the moment am feeling deep shame. I hadn't expected to like this Government, but I hadn't realised the ballistic fury and shame I would feel.

Kwizgiver said...

I'm so glad you played along even though it had an American bias.

Zippi Kit said...

It's wonderful to read all your answers to the questions, from an Australian point of view! Thank you!