Monday, January 26, 2015

Random Lyric Long Weekend

I haven't done this for years.

It's a long weekend. My Facebook page is peppered with seemingly random lyrics for no apparent reason. Sometimes people "sing along" with the songs, or ask questions as to why the inclusion of the lyrics. It's something I've done in the past.

So, here's the commentary on this Australia Day, of the random lyrics found on my Facebook Page. Some obscure, some mainstream, some controversial.

Just a word of warning, there are a few expletives peppered through this post. I'm not apologising, just letting you know. I get a bit lippy when I'm provoked.

1."It's the wrong time for somebody new, It's a small crime and I've got no excuse."

Damien Rice, 9 Crimes

Damian Rice is on my work playlist. Moody, Irish and easy to listen to without getting too caught up in the lyrics. I first heard this song on an episode of "True Blood" but then worked out that one of my other favourite tunes came from him as well. ("The Blowers Daughter" is wonderful).

So 9 Crimes it was this morning.

2. "God Save the Queen. The Fascist regime. They made you a moron."

The Sex Pistols, God Save the Queen

This morning Australia woke to the news that in the Australia Day Honours, Tony Abbott, our Prime Moron,  has made Prince Philip a Knight of Australia. Prince Fucking Philip! Okay, Rosie Batty, Australia of the Year, brilliant - could not have picked better. Angus Houston - okay, I get that one - done a lot for the Defence Forces. Fine.

But Prince Fucking Philip. Seriously.

So the Sex Pistols came to mind immediately.

3." Look inside your tiny mind, Now look a bit harder, 'Cause we're so uninspired, so sick and tired of all the hatred you harbour"

Lily Allen, "Fuck You (Very Much)"

Still on my Anti-Abbott rant, threatening to move anywhere else this song came to mind.

Our gaffe ridden government with an Environment Minister who intent on destroying the environment, an Education Minister who thinks that education is only for the rich, a Treasurer who seven months on still hasn't passed the budget, nor has an idea what tax is about, an Immigration Minister who makes Goebbels look tame and a Communications Minister who things that we should go back to using a crystal set radio.

And then there is his Royal Lord Clusterfuck, Tony Abbott.... don't get me started.

Lily Allen is good for times like this.

4. "I hear all the people of the world in one bird's lonely cry, See them tryin' every way they know how to make their spirit fly"

Daryl Braithwaite, "The Horses"

Blame the supermarket for this one. After the gym, after breakfast, doing my weekly shop, this comes over the tannoy.

Giving Coles it's dues, Coles Radio makes doing your weekly shop a bit more enjoyable with the in house radio station. Most of the songs they play are hits of the eighties and nineties which people of my generation. This was playing as I wandered around the cereal aisle. I've always loved this song.

5. "An under water guy who controlled the sea ,Got killed by ten million pounds of sludge, from New York and New Jersey"

The Pixies, Monkey Gone to Heaven

It's not a Random Lyric Long Weekend without a song from the Pixies.

6. "Other evidence has shown, That you and I are still alone, We skirt around the danger zone, And don't talk about it later"

Suzanne Vega, "Marlene on the Wall"

Have always loved this song. Feels a little bit pertinent at the moment.

7. "Tin Roof. Rusted."

The B52s. Love Shack

It took me over 30 years and the joys of the internet to find out what these words really were. I had no idea. The B52s being one of my favourite bands in uni, I can still sing most of their first album.

"Everybody goes to parties... they dance this mess around.... They do all sixteen dances...."

8. "I've unwrapped all this other junk and there's nothing that I like."

Kevin Bloody Wilson, "Hey Santa"

Best Christmas Song ever. For those with delicate constitutions or those in public, probably wise not to play the clip. (Plastic Mancunian, I think you'll like this one.)

9. "But now it's just another show, You leave 'em laughing when you go and if you care, don't let them know, Don't give yourself away "

Joni Mitchell, Both Sides

Something mellow before going to bed (and I have an eight o clock meeting tomorrow - joy.) I've always loved this song. You get different things from the lyrics as the years go on.

Well, there goes another public holiday with a whole heap of random lyrics.

I leave you with something that's doing the rounds at the moment.

No lyrics required.


Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

What a joke! I heard about Prince Phillip today. What's going on down there?

I like the original "Hey Ya!" but the "Straya" version is funny if you are an Ozzie.

I trust Tony Abbot is still not on your Xmas card list?




Pandora Behr said...

I'm hoping that Tony Abbott will not be in the public eye much longer - this has been criticised to the Nth degree.

What's going on is the Tea Party Loonies have taken over the asylumn... mind you, this has forwarded the case for a republic more than anything else...

Jackie K said...

Ugh it's ridiculous and SO EMBARRASSING. Like the English don't look down on us enough already?! Tony Abbott: minister for women and minister for cluelessness it seems. And oh yes, apparently it's all Peta Credlin's fault! *headdesk*
Nothing at all random about these lyrics is there.