Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Cookie Meme

Writing this from my mother's computer in Myponga. Came over to Adelaide for my 30th high school reunion - which is scary in itself. Despite the procrastinating to go, I was glad I went in the end. Worked out that things are not as bad as they seem. Some have done very well. Some haven't. Some have aged well. Some haven't. High school was not the best part of my life - and as one of the unpopular, dorky, dweeby kids, it seems that life has really not done me too bad. Mind you, I think it would have been a touch easier to go to if I could have had a few drinks.

Anyway, today's meh meme comes, as always, from Sunday Stealing.

Are any of your friendships on a fine line? 

Not sure what this means, but all are well. Some probably need a bit of nursing, others might be let go. The way things are, really.

 Have you ever witnessed a birth? 

Only of animals, but that's pretty special. The dog once had puppies on the end of my bed when  I was a kid.

Where’s your favorite place to be when you feel depressed? 

Home, in bed, away from everybody.

Are you currently looking forward to tomorrow? 

Back to work tomorrow, going to get slammed at work for the next few days, but it will be good to be busy. And I'm seeing my trainer tomorrow night, that's always good.

When was the last time you held someone’s hand? 

I honestly can't remember.

 Have you ever faked sick? 

Yes, but very rarely, last time was about three years ago. They're called mental health days. Sometimes you just can't go into work.

Are you currently wearing jeans? 


 Have you gone to a coffee shop within the past week? 

I was in the coffee shop opposite work on Friday for my nearly daily cappuccino. I I try not to go to coffee chains.

Would you like to be able to read thoughts? 

 I have enough thoughts in my head without having to hear other people's thank you.

Do certain swear words just roll off your tongue? 

Fuck, yeah.

Are you often the last one to understand a joke? 

Sometimes. Only sometimes.

Can experience be gained just by reading?

Hmm. Interesting one that one - mostly no, but there are times when things are enhanced by reading.

 Does playing the guitar make a person more attractive? 

Only if played well.  Very well.

 Have you ever slept in a tent, indoors or out? 

Yes. Not my favourite thing to do, but I do reckon I'd managed to go glamping one day. Normal camping has no appeal.

What does your hair look like at the moment? 

Very long and very red.

Are you mad right now? 

No. I'm quite happy actually.

Who did you spend your summer with last year? 

Me. I worked through summer. That's what I do. Work so that I can use somebody else's air conditioning.

Did you eat a cookie today?

No, but I did have a rather nice vanilla slice (snot block) at the Myponga Bakery.


CountryDew said...

I haven't been camping since I was a child, when my parents took me. I always came home with poison ivy. I'd much rather stay in a hotel.

Kwizgiver said...

I think back on all my camping adventures and wonder how I endured it!

Angel The Alien said...

I've always wanted to go glamping! I went camping a whole lot when I was a kid with my parents... we didn't have much money so that was how we went on vacations. Our longest camping trip was about two weeks long, although we did spend one night in a really weird motel somewhere in Montana!