Monday, May 23, 2016

The Ask Questions Meme

Better late than never - had a lovely relaxing weekend and this completely slipped my mind.

Questions, as always, by Sunday Stealing and thank goodness they're better than last weeks.

1. What type of criminal would you be?

Probably a bad one - that or a white collar criminal. Not into doing violent things.

2. What are you listening to right now?

Ambient noise and the sound of my keyboard.

3. If you had to choose a stripper name, what would it be?

Isn't it your first pet's name and the street you grew up on - that would make me Soxy Mitchell or Mystery Blockers - both great stripper names.

4. If your phone started ringing, who would you hope is calling? 

The man from the lottery commission telling me I'd won lots of money.

5. Do you drink alcohol?

Yes, but not very much, not to excess and not very often - a glass or two a week - that's it.

6. Do you smoke?

Gave up about ten years ago. A very good move. Besides, with cigarettes now coming in at $30 a packet, why would you?

7. What is the first thing you notice in someone?

Their smile and how they approach you.

8. Do you get attached easily?

 I try not to, but sometimes you can't help it.

9. Do you like your eye color?

 Yes. They're a dark green. I do like them.

10. Have any stupid human tricks?

 I can recite Jabberwocky after a few drinks.

11. Humor me. What physical ideal do you imagine in a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner?

 Long and lanky with smooth skin and a hairy chest.

Any other essential quirks/interests/other you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner?

 Intellingence, kindness and a sense of humour are essential. Left leaning tendencies are also a good thing.
  13. Have you ever stolen anything? 

 Nothing more than the odd pen from the stationery cupboard at work.
  14. Any romantic gestures you really like?

 What is a romantic gesture. Can't remember what they are.

15. What’s your favorite color and why?

 Pillarbox red. I am wearing a top of that colour today.

16. What were you like when you were a kid?

 Odd. Chubby. Nerdy. Attention seeking. Bookish.

17. What would your dream house be like?

 I'd love a terrace house in East Melbourne with a courtyard. Big lotto win needed for that.

18. What last made you laugh?

 I watched Florence Foster Jenkins on the weekend - that was very funny in places.

19. Do you have a place you like to go to collect your thoughts?

 I go walking. That sorts that all out.

20. What is your favorite word?

 Serendipity. I love how it rolls of the tongue. Mellifluous is pretty good too.

21. What
is your least favorite word?

I HATE with a passion the word AWESOME. It grates like no other. One of the most overused words on the planet.
  22. Would you go bungee jumping/sky diving if given the chance?

 Hell yeah - especially a tandem jump. Something I'd love to do.

23. Do you have any siblings?

 One sister. Three and a half years younger.
  24. Do you like to dance?

 Only in the kitchen or around the living room. I look like a fridge when I dance.

25. What is your definition of cheating?

I really can't say, though I think its cheating when emotions become heavily involved.

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