Sunday, December 24, 2017

The No Meme Meme

Weell, it looks like Bev at Sunday Stealing is having a well earned break, but as it is Sunday, he meme must be written - and as I'll have no access to a computer for a few days. best get it in before I hope on a plane to places overseas (read Tasmania - not that exotic.

So here is my no meme meme for the week. Written quickly as the car is packed and I have to get to the airport. I'm concentrating on good things and gratitude.

What is the best thing to have happened to you this week?

I got published. Pitched Thursday lunchtime, written Thursday evening, submitted Friday, published Sunday afternoon.  A short article on managing grief at Xmas. Mamamia is a well known Australian online magazine. I wonder if they will pay me for it?  Here's the link to the story.

What have you learned this Xmas?

I get burnout easily. I found myself burned out by Wednesday of this week. the night on the couch with the cat, instead of the noisy dinner did me well? That and I work with a heap of huggers. This I don't mind. They are lovely people my workmates.

Task of the week?

The flat has been hoovered every second day. I have Maow Maow with me. he is the best, but he likes to spread kitty litter everywhere. He's a great boy.

What are you looking forward to?

Two weeks off work. And going to the gym a lot and seeing lots of movies. That's a good start. Christmas on the banks of the Tamar River in Tassie will be most lovely too.

What are you reading?

George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo. It's incredible.

Seen any good movies?

Yes. Jay and I went to see The Florida Project on Friday. It's different - and amazing. Willem Dafoe is superb, as are the group of six-year-olds out act the adults. A telling tale. It's this year's Moonlight.

Any Christmas regrets?

No. I do feel the loss of my niece more keenly at this time of year. It's also the time if year I reflect on being single more than any other time. But then I look at what I have - my health, my friends, and I realise life is pretty good. 

Anything else?

I have to get myself to the airport.

Right, have a lovely Season.


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Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi PAnd,

Well done getting published.

I hope you have a great Xmas.