Friday, February 8, 2013

Photo February - Day Eight

My mother ship is currently ten minutes away from the office.

This is the place I go to to debrief, get some frankincense and patchouli air into my lungs and remember that I'm not just an office dolly but also a working member of the craft. I pop in around once a week to ground myself. It's also a good place to pick up supplies like tarot cards, smudge sticks, incense and other paraphernalia you tend to need when you're a practicing member of the craft.

It's also nice to go in and not have to be an office worker for five minutes. I've been known to give impromptu quick tarot readings in there. I find it's just nice to put myself in another, nurturing, creative, energetic space, even if it is just fore a few minutes.

I don't get to talk about my "witchy" side in my day-to-day life - its a part that Corporate Australia doesn't need to know about, but its not something I denounce either. When the need arises I take myself off here for a few minutes to let myself know that there is another side to my life.

My work mates know if it as "the witch shit shop".

I think of it as my city home.

The Wheel is at the back of the shop, tucked behind a curtain at the start of a staircase, however, Danae, being the consumate business woman has put a version of the wheel online. Click here to give it a try. (It won't bite you!)

I'll normally go in and have a look around, saying hello to whoever is serving on the day. then, I make my way down to the wheel, find five cents or some other small coin contribution to go in the moneybox in front of the wheel. You have to pay to play - thems the rules.

I then close my eyes, take hold of the wheel then spin.

As the wheel spins, the incantation goes on in my head:

Tell me what I need to know
Tell me how I need to grow
Tell me what I need to see
Tell me where I need to be

It's one of little rituals.

The wheel spins and delivers the outcome - one of twenty two separations that are in alignment with the Major Arcana of the tarot. There is a shelve with pigeon holes that deliver slips of paper with your fortune.

I find that whatever comes out is of some relevance to the day or the week I'm having. I find the wheel really encouraging for the most part - or else it gives you something to look at.

On this trip, this is what my fortune said:

10: The Wheel speaks of: Change of Luck

The wheel of life turns bringing changes
New ways, new luck, new exchanges
This turn of good fortune is of divine plan:
A dealing of cards from a mystical hand.

As I said, a lovely and encouraging message seeing that I'm starting to put feelers out for a new job.

Not that any of the messages delivered are bad or unhappy.

The wheel is always positive.

It's funny how this all works, this universal energy per se. It's cool to be given the encouragement to move on.

Spellbox, Shop 17 Royal Arcade, Melbourne, 3000

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I love that the messages are always positive ones.