Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photo February - Day Twenty One

Wear Green

I am under instructions from dream group to wear more green.

This happens now and then. You give a dream at dream group. Something goes on in the dream that is the crux of the dream, and you end up wearing a colour you wouldn't normally wear. It's all too hard to explain, I just need to wear more green for a bit.

And I don't wear much green.

I wear lots of black and red and quite a bit of blue and loads of grey. I love blue/greens, like teals and peacock colours, but real green I don't normally wear - not that I have nothing against green - I just haven't thought to wear much of it.

So I went shopping at lunchtime to bolster the wardrobe so that maybe, in wearing green, I can soothe the metaphysical disruptions that my dreams are indicating. (Does all this sound a bit hippy?)

Half an hour later, $50 poorer, I found a lovely mint green cardigan on sale at Sussan, as well as an emerald green t-shirt at Zara. The scarf type thing with the green border - that was a five dollar sale item that will go on the Bali pile. I need a new sarong for my holiday.

I love how colour can make your feel - wearing red makes me feel really attractive. Black - somewhat invisible (Melbourne uniform) If I wear mustard I feel like I'm the size of a house. Blue tends to calm me down. White has the effect of making me look like an Eastern Block seventies shot putter - so I only wear white in combination with other things.

My other colour association is with orange. I was going through a glum patch - think I'd just broken up with a boyfriend and Alice said she had a solution. I was presented with a pair of orange underpants. "How can you not have fun when you're wearing orange undies?" she asked me. Not so strangly, when Blarney was spending a bit of time at the Children's Hospital with the boys, I gave her a pair of orange undies in a care package for the same reason.

But green - I was turned off green at primary school - it was one of my primary school colours (just as I didn't wear blue for a decade after high school, for the same reason)

Maybe it's time to wear green again.

Or maybe it's time to look at why I often hold back my emotions.

We will see what happens.

(Happy now, Viv?)

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Kath Lockett said...

Green, huh? One of my daughter's favourite design colours so it features largely (and really rather nicely) in her bedroom.

I had always avoided red because I thought it made me look sickly, but since LC bought me back a bright red, chunky Casio watch from the US last year, I've 'accentuated' it with a few scarves, a pair of boots and two new tops and had lots of compliments.

I think that green would really suit you, Pand.