Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Holiday Mode

I'm on holidays.

Big whooooooohoooooo!

Actually, technically, I'm between jobs - or without work for the moment as my contract finished on Thursday, but or the next three weeks, I'm on holiday.

No job hunting, no sitting in front of a computer for anything work or job hunting, I'm doing things that I don't normally do and I'm generally working out that I'm really overdue some time off.

So I'm sitting here at my mother's kitchen table, looking out the glass wall onto the willow trees and the Hindmarsh River, spotting the odd antechinus (mouse like marsupial found around the Fleurieu Peninsula) with a cup of tea in hand pondering the drive down to Adelaide to see the visting Turner Exhibition at the Art Gallery in Adelaide. After this, we're going around to see my Uncle John where we will go down to the local Chinese restaurant (Please, please, please let them not use MSG and can we have steamed rice...) before taking wine filled parents back to Myponga.

Should be a nice day.

Actually, I've had a lovely few days here in South Australia. I only make it back here once or twice a year and only ever for a few days at a time.

So far I've nearly finished my book group book, which contrary to popular thought, I've loved. I've managed to see a friend, get introduced to the best 'snot blocks' in South Australa (The Aldinga Bakery - MAGIC vanilla slices)

I've also managed to find a way into my mother's wireless broadband.

The conversation went as such.

Pand: Can I use the broadband, Mum?
Mum: You know where the computer is, dear.
Pand: No, can I please have your network key so I can get onto the wireless broadband and use the iPad instead.
Mum: Oh, do we have wireless broadband?
Pand: Yes, you do.
Mum: Well, what does the key look like. The man who installed it didn't give me a key.
Pand: No, Mum, it's a code. The man would have given you a card.
Mum: Oh, I think I threw that out.... Do you think I could use an iPad.
Pand:  Arrrgggghhhhhh.......

After a bit of digging, the network key was written on the back of the modem.

I know that I am repeating a conversation that many forty somethings have with their parents. To give her some credit, Mum can pay bills, send emails, prepare her BAS statements on the computer -but trying to explain the internet to her is like trying to explain the intricacies of tennis to me - I just have no interest what so ever. The thought of her getting an iPad scares the living hell out of. The phone calls I'll receive at work! Arrrgggghhhhh.

Another great thing about being in South Australia again is that you can get South Australian food - inparticular, proper pasties. I will be told that there are plenty of places that sell pasties all over Australia, but you always get a good one when you're in SA - even go far as to say that they start up again once you reach the SA Border - the ones you get at Bordertown are great. It's something South Australia (and Cornwall in England) do really, really well.

It's also nice just to do nothing for a bit.

Okay, so I feel like I've driven all round the place today - went and saw the Turner at the Tate exhibition this afternoon with the folks - strangely, they came along quite happily - never thought I'd ever get my mum and stepdad in an art gallery, but they appeared to enjoy it. Me, I had my breath taken away on a number of occasions - a pen and ink sketch of Ely Cathedral took my breath away for a start. The folks said they were pleased to go along - but both preferred the paintings where they "Knew what was going on..."It was good - also nice in that we got there late in the afternoon and nearly had the place to ourselves. After than, we picked up my uncle and went for Chinese Food and we've just got home. Tired I am - this holiday mode is a busy time.

(Picture courtesy of www.tate.org.uk)

But tomorrow I fly back to Melbourne early in the afternoon. I have 36 hours to get the flast as spick and span as I can, change some currency, got to dream group, do some exercise, get my legs waxed, pack, sort out my passport and the like and finally take off to Bali for two weeks.

And not thing about getting a job for two weeks.

And not think about the wonderful, rewarding, well paid, stable, interesting, occasional travel required job with fantastic people that I'm going to find when I get back.

For the moment, it's just me, a swimming pool and a bottle of Bintang waiting.

Does one need any more than that for a few weeks?

I think no.


Elephant's Child said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time.

Pandora Behr said...

Thanks, EC x

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Have a great holiday.

BTW I had to chuckle at your mum throwing away the key - and her reaction.




Kath Lockett said...

Sounds like your holiday already got off to a terrific start.

As for parents and computers - Sapphire had to write 'TURN ON YOUR SPEAKERS, GRANDPA' on a piece of paper and show it to the camera for him to hear what we were saying during a skype call!

Rosey said...

Yeeesssss *punches the air* we can stand united in our love of the book club book .... i'm so happy i won't be the only one defending it lol!

Safe travelling, and have a luvverly trip my sweet!