Monday, August 18, 2014

The Would You Meme

I normally do the Meme on Sunday afternoon, but as of 9 pm my time yesterday, there was no new meme questions on Sunday Stealing’s blog, so I went blogless. This morning I arose and found that the questions had been posted – fine for the American Sunday afternoon, but not so great for we Australians who are 17 hours ahead of the United States and nor in the depths of Monday morning.

So I’m doing this in my lunch break at work.

Here we go. Let’s see what we would, and wouldn't do.

Would you ever cheat on someone if they cheated on you?

I don’t see the point of tit-for-tat retribution, so if somebody cheated on my, I very much doubt I would cheat on them back – what is the point of that. I’d be hurt and angry, but there is no point cheating on somebody to get back at them. Also, being somebody who’s not completely comfortable with the concept of ultimate monogamy, this might be a moot point. But that’s not to be discussed on this blog. Just saying.

Would you ever consider becoming a teacher?

I have considered becoming a teacher. About ten years ago I went back to university to upgrade my English degree from a minor to a major, with the goal to then go and do my Diploma of Education to become a high school teacher. Life got in the way and I never did the Dip Ed. However I’ve done a lot of tutoring and mentoring in my time and by day, I working Training and Development, so in some ways, I’m teaching already. Just not teaching children.

Would you ever give a hitch-hiker a ride somewhere?

Unless I knew the hitch hiker, no, I’d not give somebody a lift.

Would you ever try fasting for a whole week?

This is something I would do. Check myself into a clinic in Bali and go on a huge detox. I can see myself doing this.

Would you ever try to quit one of your addictions?

I don’t really have addictions – bad habits, yes, but not addictions. I managed to stop sucking my thumb at the age of 33 with the help of a rather good psychologist. I've manage to give up caffeinated coffee in the last few months – that was a bit of a struggle. If I put my mind on something I can normally do it. Just don’t ask me to give up ice cream entirely. That would be a bad thing.

Would you ever dye your hair purple?

If it was temporary – yes, I have no problem with that. I dye my hair red anyway, it’s not that much of a stretch.

Would you ever spend $100 for the best tasting hamburger in the world?

This one is a no. Other than I’m off red meat at the moment, there are plenty of other $100 meals about the place that I’d rather enjoy – there are plenty of hamburgers around that you can get for a tenth of the price which are great. Would I spend $100 on the ultimate dessert – that is another questions.

Would you rather chew gum off the ground or kill a squirrel?

I’m glad that this is a hypothetical question, but I think I’d rather kill the squirrel – as long as it could be a humane way of killing it – a clean kill in whatever happens – and the squirrel is then put to good use. I could never chew gum from the road. Like eww.

Would you rather play Monopoly or Operation?

Both have their good points. As much as I like Monopoly, I’ve always had a soft spot for Operation. Used to love that game as a kid.

Would you rather eat chocolate or fruity candies?

Again, a hard one as it depends on the mood. I’m going to go with the fruit candies and I find chocolate a bit much most of the time – a little bit now and then, but I could eat fruit flavoured sweets daily given the desire and the fact that my blood sugars are still in good working order. Then again, if I was to eat too much sugar over time my blood sugars and weight would not be in such a good state.

Would you rather listen to one CD forever or become deaf?

Give me the one CD option. At least you can turn it down. Deafness is permanent. The only proviso to this is the album is not Meatloaf’s “Bat Out of Hell” album. I think if I end up in purgatory, this will be playing. I heard the album end on end for about two years and just the first few bars of “I Can See Paradise From the Dashboard Light” is enough to send me running very fast in the other direction.

Would you rather be deaf or blind?

I can live without music and can learn to read lips. I can’t live without reading. Deaf it is.

Would you rather text or talk on the phone?

I’m a texter, but there are times when I would rather talk on the phone. I’m wise enough to pick up the phone when more than a line or two is required to get the message across.

Would you rather spend a day with Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus?

Lady Gaga. She appears to be batshit crazy and I reckon that would make her fun. I think I’d end up lecturing Miley Cyrus on the virtues of keeping your tongue in your mouth.

Would you rather learn to play piano or guitar?

I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano.

Would you rather have a stomach-ache or headache?

Tummy aches and headaches are both debilitating, but I’m going to go with the stomach ache here. As somebody who gets the occasional migraine, at least with stomach aches they are normally over pretty quickly, and the drugs don’t make you drowsy.

Would you rather be overly interesting or overly dull?

Much prefer to be overly dull. I reckon my friends would find me quite dull anyway, but being overly interesting would mean a big pressure to remain that way. You can always become more interesting if you’re dull. May as well set the bar low.

Would you rather be too loud or too quiet?

A very hard question for a Leo as we have the tendency to be both loud and quiet all at the same time. I think I’d rather be too quiet, as I really find being loud a bit draining.


Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Well I remember every little thing as if happened only yesterday; parking by the lake and there was not another car in sight.

Sorry Pand - I just couldn't resist.

I love "Bat Out of Hell" only because at the age of 17, my mate and I used to drive around the streets (like idiots), trying to be cool and playing this album at full blast on his radio cassette player.

I prefer the title track to be honest:

"The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling way down in the valley tonight"...

Are you running away yet?




Jackie K said...

That is hilarious, and your answers to some of these were not what I expected - so quite a good meme.
I applaud your honesty in admitting you'd kill the squirrel!