Monday, October 22, 2018

The Australia Questions

So, as many of you are aware, every Sunday I do a set of questions from Sunday Stealing. I've been doing this for years.

Thing is, these questions come out of America, which means that regularly, I'll be doing questions on things like Halloween, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, cold Christmas with turkey and strange American foods which are full of corn syrup and E numbers.

So Bev at Sunday Stealing asked me to find some questions about Australia for Sunday Stealing, just to let the rest of the Sunday Stealing audience see what it is like to have a heap of questions that many would have no idea about.

I've tested these questions on a number of friends. We are of the opinion that Australians over the age of 30 will either be able to answer these questions, or they will have a an opinion on most of the things in this list.

I'd also love to hear if there are any questions I have missed from the list. I think it is pretty representative of our great nation.

1. Where to you land on the subject of vegemite? What is the optimum butter/vegemite ratio? Do you also eat Promite or Marmite or do you see these yeast spreads as something akin to treason?
2. Who was your favourite Prime Minister of the last ten years? (There have been five – choose wisely)
3.  Are you a Monarchist or a Republican? Why?
4.  What do you think of our current head of state?
5.  What are your feelings on compulsory voting.
6.  What is your favourite footy food?
7.   Your Nana is having her 80th catered for by the CWA. What CWA standards are you looking forward to at the spread? The Victoria Sponge? Yoyos? Asparagus Rolls? Brandy Snaps?
8.  What do you do on ANZAC Day?
9.  Discuss the merits of budgie smugglers.
10. What is outside your back door? Gumboots or thongs?
11. As a kid you were given 20 cents for pick and mix. What will be in your bag? Teeth? Spearmint leaves? Gobstoppers? Freckles?
12.  Redbacks or Huntsmen?
13.   The Mullet. Discuss.
14.   Kath or Kim?
15.   Cricket – which code do your follow? Why? Do you think that 20/20 games are sacrilege?
16.   Football. Which code do you follow? Do you have an opinion about Collingwood or Essendon?
17.   Do you agree that the lyrics to Khe Sahn should be on the citizenship test? Do you know the words to Khe Sahn?
18. What is your favourite public holiday? If you're in Victoria, which do you prefer? The day off before the AFL Grand Final or Melbourne Cup Day?
19.   What do you do at Christmas? Ham sandwich on the beach? Seafood and salad next to the pool? Endure a full English roast with all the trimmings when the thermometer is pushing 35 degrees centigrade outside?
20.   Ford or Holden?
21.   What is the best Australian invention ever? (And yes, the Hills Hoist can be mentioned)
22.   Describe the following:

  • Fairy bread
  • Lamingtons
  • Chiko rolls
  • Snot blocks

23.   What are the following traditional items found in all Australian homes?

  • Dead horse
  • Hills Hoist
  • A slab
  • A ute

24.   Who is your all time Australian hero?
25.   Translate the following: “Strewth! Nev was going flat out like a lizard drinking. But he had a nana nap and he's raring. Told him to get here pronto by not to miss the gate cos it’s impossible to chuck a u-ey for miles. Told him to bring a slab. We’ll have a barby. The kiddies can have snags. Joe the Pom will moan about everything. Jeez, he’s a bastard. Yeah…nah… no flies on him. “
26.   What is your favourite Australian holiday spot?
27.   Do you eat the coat of arms?
28.   You are stuck in a lift with the following: Karl Stefanovic, Peter Dutton and Alan Jones. Who do you kill last?
29.   What is the NBN?
30.   “Where the bloody hell are you?” Discuss.
31. Complete the following sayings.

  • Am I ever going to see your face again? ..................................................
  • You're terrible, ...........................!
  • Coupla days, ...............................
32. Potato scallops or potato cakes?
33. Provide three uses for cane toads.
34. If you give a politician a koala to cuddle, what is the likely outcome?
35. Bagpipes are perfectly at home in rock songs. Discuss.
36. What is a Tim Tam Slam?
37. If I ask for a FruChoc, where am I from? What are FruChocs?

Today's Song: m (One of the most iconic Australian songs, ever...)

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