Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Gentle Art of Procrastination

What I should be doing tonight:

Finishing the fifth unit of the Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment - Design Module 2 which is due in Monday.

What I have done tonight:

Washed the kitchen floors
Hoovered the flat
Painted my toenails
Scrubbed the grouting in the shower
Taken out the recycling
Pruned my eyebrows
Work on the blankets for Blarney's babies
Flossed my teeth
Got a bag of old clothes ready for the Salvos
Shredded some old bank statements
Sipped on a glass of Laphroaig with a little water
Put my training schedule for next week into a spreadsheet
Hoovered again
Talked to the Grounded Dutchman's best mate online
Texted Blarney about tomorrow
Fitted in a reflexology client
Dusted the flat
Alphebetised the CDs in genre specific files
Two loads of washing
Sipped on a glass of Glenmorangie
Read a few blogs
Tended my virtual farm
Surfed iTunes for a couple of things
Took photos of myself on my iPhone
Deleted photos of myself on my iPhone
More crochet work on Blarney's babies' blankets
Made my bed
Checked my lotto ticket (won nothing)
Moisturised my legs
Washed the bathroom floor
Scrubbed the toilet
Cleaned out my handbag (overdue)
Watched "Waitress" (Fabulous film)
Checked my email
200 sit ups
Three rounds of light arm weights
Tidied the shoe cupboard
Set the alarm for tomorrow so I can get to Pump class at 9.3o

And who says procrastination is the thief of time?


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