Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happiness is doing things that you love

As I'm feeling the stirrings of a depression cycle looming, I've set myself the task of cheering myself up.

Normally, cheering myself up would involve spending lots of money, going for a run or eating.

As I'm saving madly for my holiday in a few weeks, unable to train at a decent level and I'm trying hard not to put on any more weight I'm having to find other tactics to make myself happy.

So this tactic will involve doing something that makes me happy on a daily basis.

So what makes me happy, other than running and eating?

Writing makes me happy.

So my daily challenge for the next while is to write - and write what I like, which is fiction. I've had a book slushing round in the back of my mind for years, now it's time to get it started and out there.

So it's time to birth my baby. Rainbow Robertston and the Adventures at Hippy Corner.

I've set up a new blog, Rainbow's Adventures at Hippy Corner.

Rainbow Robertson is about to be born.


Kath Lockett said...

I'll be sure to go over there for a visit very soon.

I too have hit a 'cycle' after being told yesterday that there are huge cost cuts at the paper and my six submitted stories might not get published. So, despite the work and daring to assume they'll be published on dates we agreed to months ago, they now won't.

He rang me whilst I was in the middle of interviewing someone for an article he'd commission for 2/10. I said nervously, "So, should I even bother finishing it?"

He paused before saying, "Um, yes. It's actually on 4/10 that we're holding a meeting with the bigwigs to find out if our little section will exist or not."

Oh. Just as I'd started to assume that I'd be earning x-dollars a month.....

Pandora Behr said...

That's well crap, Kath - been there and know what it feels like.
Fingers crossed they let you and the column stay.

Loving being back in Rainbow land again. Just have to keep it up.
VW: fundoled = - having fun = being on the dole?

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pandora,

So you're writing a book, eh? I'll pop over and have a read.

My book has stalled - I really need to overcome this procrastination.