Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scared and Optimistic

Okay, lay of the land. Tomorrow morning I go in to hospital for a small operation, which they're doing by keyhole surgery to remove my right fallopian tube and have a  general look around to see what this pain is. The tube has to go, it's blocked, mucky and really not looking at all healthy. It's day surgery, so I should be home in my bed that evening and I'll be confined to the flat for a few days. Then I just have to get strong again. It's all good.

From all of this I'm just very glad that this is being sorted now, rather than two months down the track. The doctor also made mention that if it goes now, nothing new can happen while I'm away. All going well I should be able to get back to running in a few weeks and go on my holiday pain free.

The brain has been working overtime since I got the news of this. Friends have been marvellous. Somebody is picking me up from the hospital tomorrow and staying with me for the night, others have pledged to drop in over the next few days to check on me. It's all good.

Having said this it's been a rather stressful few days. Why is it always the case that when you're trying to get out of work stuff comes up which makes life difficult. Thankfully some decent work with tight deadlines came up in the last week. Unfortunately, along with this work has been long hours and a lot of stress which hasn't helped matters. After seeing the doctor on Monday, my head was in  a complete flap. That didn't help matters.

So, how am I feeling about this? Scared but optimistic. I just want to be home in bed by this evening. My friends have been marvellous. Kara is picking me up from hospital and staying overnight with me, Gloria's coming over tomorrow morning and staying the day, other friends have vowed to drop in, feed me, watch dvds with me for the next week. Even Mum's been ringing to make sure I'm okay, which is sweet of her.

This has been very confronting for me. I'm not used to asking for help, or accepting it for that matter. I know my biggest fear is waking up on the table. Second one is that they have to open me up fully and needing six weeks of recouperation and not to be able to go on this holiday. But these risks are hopefully minimal.

As I said, I'm scared, but optimistic.

Right, I better get myself off to hospital.

Talk soon,



Kath Lockett said...

You'll be fine. More than fine.

Because it's day surgery, you might find yourself in a Jason recliner and wondering how those stitches got there. Then you'll be sent home with your friend and a form that reminds you not to drive, drink or make any important decisions today.

Then you'll sleep for a while and realise that you officially have a few days off to recuperate. Make the most of it :)

River said...

Just don't try to hurry the recuperation. Take your time and laze away a day or two extra. Rushing these things is never a good idea. Years ago, one of my friends came back to work with stitches still in place and was surprised when half of them popped open, she had to get restitched, not fun.