Sunday, February 10, 2013

Photo February - Day Ten

Fountain, Albert Street, Melbourne
I worked in a building opposite this fountain for years, but never ventured to have a better look at it while I was there. I've walked past this fountain a couple of times a week for nearly ten years. Often called a shower for the homeless, this fountain sits in a park not far from Parliament House and looks like a big shower block when it's going. During the big drought it was rarely turned on, but it's always fascinated me. The fountain has a walkway in the middle of it where you can get shots like this.
When this fountain is turned on, which thankfully is over most of the summer months, if gives you a nice misty spray as you walk past on a warm day. The number of times I've threatened to dunk myself under this fountain when the weather gets over 35 degrees is countless. I'm still quite partial to running under a sprinkler in the Fitzroy Gardens in the way home just put my handbag in a plastic bag and run under so that the contents of the handbag doesn't get ruined. I always have a folded up plastic bag somewhere in my handbag.

Okay, I just have to deal with the fact that I'm a large child that loves being in and around water. 

So the fact that I'm heading off to Bali in a couple of months time and for part of the trip I have a villa with a private pool is not surprising. That I probably will not be out of the water at all in that week, not surprising either. The all over tan I should have at the end of the week, nope, that won't surprise anybody either.

A week with a private swimming pool to do as I wish... life can't get much better than that.


Jackie K said...

Beautiful. I love playing in water too - we're all big kids when it comes down to it.
No Bali for me, but I do allow myself a splash with the garden hose almost daily during summer (now that our water levels are back up and we're paying through the nose for water anyway).

Kath Lockett said...


Even on snow holidays - we're booked into a hotel with a heated pool, spa and steam room so that we (okay, ME) can frolic in water after spending a greater part of the day falling in frozen versions of it.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

At 35 degrees I probably WOULD walk into the fountain.