Sunday, September 22, 2013

Three Days Off

Sometimes, being between jobs is just wonderful. This is one of those times.

Even better as I have a job to go to tomorrow, making this time off stress free and rather fun.

After an interesting couple of weeks at my old job being told that I would be let go at the end of September, I started the search. With a lot of luck, I've stumbled across a contract that will take me up until the end of January - the Holy Grail for contractors. My old job released me from my contract - much to my pleasure and for the the last three days I've had time to myself.

It's been bliss!

So what do you do with three unexpected days off?

Well, let me see.

Shredding was the first thing on the list.

Why was I keeping utility bills from 2005? Is there a reason why I was doing this? No - but I have not attempted to de-crap the spare room in a long time and this, as well as instruction manuals from items that I threw out years ago, old research for long-ago published magazine articles, old workplace compliance forms - you name it - we found it in the spare room.

The shredding then was bagged up and taken down the local pet shop. If you take them shredded paper they will often let you have a cuddle of one of the inmates. This one looked like the dog I had a as a kid.

It makes me feel good that the puppies will be a little more comfortable in the pet shop having my old bills and work documents to pee on.

Next job was throwing out stuff.

Again, the spare room really needed a good once over. It's much better now, but it still needs more work. But what am I supposed to do with the old VCR that hasn't been used in years? And the CDs for software that went out of date two laptops ago? And shoes that will never be worn because they're just too ugly?

Three medium sided bin bags later and the room is looking a lot better.

There's also the required lunches with friends. As I won't be working in the city from Monday, there was a few people to catch up with. .

Sleeping in has been another feature of my few days off - although I was called to go for a run with a friend the other day -and today it was off to the gym b and preparing for my first day at my new role.

In all, it's been lovely to do as I please for a few days.

And so tomorrow. The start of a new regime. Once I get my bearings it looks like I'll be cycling to work instead of walking or taking the tram. Riding along the banks of the Yarra to work, could life be any better?

Here's hoping the new natives are friendly - they seemed nice at the interview.


Elephant's Child said...

Good luck with the new gig.

Jackie K said...

Sounds like a perfect 3 days to me. It's very satisfying to clear out the crap. We just did the same here a couple of weeks ago. Such a load off.
Enjoy your next job.