Friday, June 13, 2014

I Hate Being Good

I also dislike doctors.


Two weeks of being exceptionally "good'. Here I come.Whoooo hoooo wont that be fun!

I say this as I sit here with my decaffeinated coffee with almond milk, because caffeine is off the menu for the time being along with:

No sugar (well as little processed sugar as possible)
No salt
No alcohol
No red meat
No cheese
Cut down on grains
Cut down on dairy

On the good side of things:

Lots of green veg
Lots of legumes
White meat
Clear fluids
Moderate exercise


Okay, I knew it was coming.

The 45 year check up from the doctor finally got done.

First up, off to the nurse. \
Height is still 166 cms (5'5" and a bit)
Weight we wont talk about but not as bad as appears on my scales
Waist circumference - yeah well.

Yes, I'm at moderate risk of diabetes. I will probably get diabetes - grandparents on both sides had it. I'm doing everything to stop it happening. Marks for that but I need to do more.

The rest of the check I was given a glowing report. Diet pretty good, big ticks for not drinking much, not smoking and lots of exercise. She also gave me a tetanus jab and ordered some bloods.

My lovely doctor - who I really do like, went on in a similar vein.

Checked the undercarriage. That test isn't as bad as it could be. Women doctors are best for that one and at least I'm up to date for another two years.

The bloods are ordered. I'll have those done in two weeks - give myself two weeks to clean up my system - and get my blood pressure down again.

We talked about this. I accused her of poisoning me with the drugs she inflicted on me last time. I also know that when I take full responsibility for this I can bring it down. I'm calling the naturopath this morning to get some of the magic mix.

Ah well. Two weeks of clean living should impact the bloods. If I get them done in two weeks, I can go and have a bender of a weekend with Geetangeli in Sydney and feel good about it :).

Nobody said this growing old malarchy was easy.


Robert Sinton said...

Right, so that answers the question "How many bottles of gin do we pick up at duty free on the way in?" then. Just the one this time, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Jury's still out on that question :). Looking forward to that bender!

Pandora Behr said...

A bottle of Hendricks never goes astray :)...

Kath Lockett said...

Oooh that's a tough fortnight for you, dear Pand, so I'm hoping that it produces good results!

Getting old sucks butt - I'm working with two guys who could be my SONS at the moment!