Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Meme: The Random 20

Ah, it's Sunday. So much for study this weekend. My cousin is coming to stay for a few days and I have housework to get done, dinner to make to take to Blarney's, the spare room to do up. Oh what fun.

So as always, one question, one job. Means that things get done.

1. Have you had an argument with anyone recently? If so, do you still have issues with that person?  

I really don't argue with people as normally I can't be bothered. The arguments I've had this year have normally been over politics and if whoever I'm disagreeing with has thought about what they're saying I have no issue. If they're blinding going into their views, I walk away. No point. I don't bother arguing with stupid people.

2. Are you talking to anyone while filling this in? How about texting/chatting on Facebook? 

No, just muttering to myself.

3. Have you done something recently that helped someone else, in any way? 

I'm a kind person by nature and will lend a hand without thinking, whether it be holding a door open for a person struggling with groceries etc. I supposed I fed my downstairs neighbour's cat last weekend - that helped them out.

4. Who was the last person to pay you a compliment? 

One or two people have asked if I have lost weight recently. 

 5. Is there anything that’s happened in the past month, that you wish you could go back in time and change? 

No, all is pretty good. I'm a great believer in you are exactly where you need to be.

 6. What colour is your purse/wallet? 

Teal and blue - a really nice MyWalit unit I've had for a few years. Glorious Italian leather. My one luxury item - it's lasting well.

 7. What’s the closest item to you that’s black? 

Most of my wardrobe is black - or a variant of black.

 8. Think about what you looked like 5 years ago. How did you look different, compared to the way you look now? 

I'm about the same size, my hair is the same, just redder. Probably a few more wrinkles and I'm definitely a lot more toned and fitter/

 9. Before Facebook became popular, did you use any other social networking site, like Bebo or Myspace?  


10. Has someone of the opposite sex ever sung to you? If so, how did you respond to it? 

My friend Lachlan used to sing me the "Panada" song, which goes to the tune of "Knees up Mother Brown." I used to grimace back at him.

 11. When did you last hug someone of the opposite sex? 

I was greeted, as always, by Jonella's boyfriend, with a huge bear hug the other weekend. He's a demonstrative bugger.

 12. Have you ever seen the film “Casablanca”? Did you like it? 

Yes, I've seen Casablanca. I adore Casablanca. Great film.

 13. Do you have a relative whose name begins with ‘L’? Tell me about him/her. 

My cousin Lindy is about nine years younger than me, lives in Adelaide and is the mother of twins. I haven't seen her for over ten years but we keep in touch on Facebook. My cousin Lesley, about nine years older than me is a scientist living in Canberra. Mother of two. Only see her at funerals, so I saw her about four years ago.

 14. Are you a secretive person? 

Surprisingly more secretive than may realise. I like to keep things like this.

 15. When did you last eat? 

Now. Lunch of salad, flat bread and baba ganoush that I made about half an hour ago.

 16. If you were going to buy a present for a special person, what would you generally choose? 

Some sort of experience that we can share together - either take them out for a meal or purchase theatre tickets. Something like that.

 17. If I’m going to buy you a box of chocolates, which kind should I definitely NOT get? 

Cheap chocolates. And I'm not that fond of the orange creams - or any creme centres. Pralines, white chocolate, anything a bit unusual goes down well.

 18. Is there something you generally always ask for help with? 

My taxes are done professionally. I have been known to bring in a big strong, hairy bloke to kill spiders for me. Some odd jobs need an engineering friend - like putting up blinds... but I'm very sufficient normally.

 19. If you had to give up your phone or your computer, which would it be? 

I'd give up the phone. You can always make calls through Skype.

 20. Has anyone called you gorgeous/beautiful today?

No. That hasn't happened in a very long while.

Blog done, housework here I come.

p.s. Day Five of the Clean up my life challenge.

Sit ups, done and up to date (30 sit ups, 12 crunches, 12 leg raises and a 20 second plank)
Finding 5 things to throw out a day still - gave about 20 items of clothing to charity yesterday.
Green juice has been had - two days had off, back to it now.
Looking forward to walking to work tomorrow.


Stacy said...

Ugh...taxes. I always get them done by someone else, too. What I really like to do is toss the whole mess and never look back.

I am Harriet said...

Whenever someone tells me that I look like I lost weight I start getting hungry and eat more uggghhhh...

Kwizgiver said...

Oh, taxes! I didn't even think of that--what a great answer.

Zippi Kit said...

I do not like cream centers in chocolates either. And we started having someone do the taxes when I started a business. Now, we are just too out of practice to go back!