Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Let's Talk Travel Meme

I want to try and finish the first draft of my short story tonight. I have about 1200 words to work with before I get this off to my study buddy. I have until 10 November to get it in as good a shape as possible for grading, along with a "Research Journey" paper,which won't be as harrore.

Regardless, Bud Weiser of Sunday Stealing fame has provided the questions.

100 words of the story. A question. Easy - yes?

Ok let’s talk travel, do you like to travel? 

I love travelling. If I won the lottery I reckon I'd travel six months of the year. Love it. I work to travel, as my coffee mug says. Though at the moment I feel like I work to pay my tuition.

Where have you been?

I've been lucky. I've visited over the years  - Indonesia (three times), Thailand, The United States (twice) The United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand on multiple occasions.

Next place you want to go? 

There are too many places I want to go. India and Japan are on the list (though after the reading I've been doing for the last few weeks, I might have to leave Japan for a bit. There might be a trip to Thailand or Bali if I can find the cash sometime in the new year. I'm overdue for a trip back to England too - it's nearly been five years. Time to go again.

What is something you MUST take with you when you travel? 

A charged up Kindle. I like to read on holidays. A bath plug is also really handy - so many hotel rooms don't have them. Wonderful when you need to wash out your smalls.

How do you like to travel? (mode of transportation)

I'm pretty happy on most modes of transport, but I really love boats. I'm happy on the Manly ferry or a boat around the Greek Island or on a punt down the Cam River in Cambridge. Love boats.

With someone, or alone? 

I travel alone. Nobody to travel with me. (Or not interested in going to places my friends want to go and vice versa)

Do you dance in your car when there are other people with you? 


If you're quiet what does it mean? 

It means I'm quiet. Sometimes it means I'm thinking. Sometimes it means I'm a bit stressed (though I tend to sing when I'm stressed). Sometimes it means I'm a bit blue. But generally it means that I'm just being quiet and there is nothing wrong with that - especially as I'm an introvert.

Favorite scent?  

Does there need to be just one. Up there, roast lamb, baking bread, dogs paws, Stella McCartney perfume (not that it appears to be being made at the moment) fresh sheets, fresh coffee.

Favorite store? 

My witch shit shop in the Royal Arcade. It's a home away from home. (

Say you wanted coffee.. what kind is your favorite?  

My current standard order is a large, skinny, decaf cappuccino. Unfortunately I've been made to swear off caffeine.

Favorite kind of pizza? 

Anything with hot salami, lots of cheese and anchovies.

Do you get embarrassed easily? 

Yes and no - depends on he situation.

Do you mind people asking you personal questions? 

Most of the time, no. There are some things I just don't talk about and I'll happily keep these boundaries.

You have a tank of gas, $50, and the day off… what do you do? 

Drive down to the Mornington Peninsula and spend the day at the Hot Springs. Bliss.

Favorite tv show? 

The only show I watch religiously at the moment is "Masters of Sex". It's a great period piece.

Song you turn the volume up all the way to listen to? 

The Master's Apprenticies, "Turn Up Your Radio". If you don't come from Australia, you won't know it, so here it is.

Something you keep in your car? 

My friend Sam gave me a toy rat - Scabbers from Harry Potter to be precise. He lives in my glove box.

 Highlight of your day? 

Both of Blarney's boys gave me a cuddle - without being asked. And I have 2300 words of my rough draft done.

 Something you do everyday that you wish you didn’t have to do? 

Wake up alone.

 Do you mind if people just show up at your house unannounced? 

Yes. I like to have at least tidied the place before they come, but I'm getting better at this one. Few people come to my flat.

What do you do when you disagree with someone? 

I rarely fight with people I disagree with. Normally I can't be bothered. Only if I respect the person and their point of view will I put up a fight. Normally I'll agree to disagree.

Do you enjoy rain? 

Love it.

Who’s your favorite person in the whole world… besides me?

Now that would be telling....


Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Strange meme - only about 50% travel questions (otherwise I would have stolen it myself).

How's the writing course going?




Kwizgiver said...

Thanks for including the video clip! That's a song I'd turn up, too.

Bev Sykes said...

I just did a "Masters of Sex" marathon--saw both seasons in 2 days. I needed a cigarette afterwards. (or would have, if I smoked)

Zippi Kit said...

It's amazing how you can pick up book titles and new foods and amazingly rocking tunes through memes. Thanks for the Australian Tune! Happy Writing, and traveling. You've been so many places, Lady!