Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Holiday Report #1: Skinny Cats, Tiger Balm and Russians

Today is the day I scale the big fuck off hill. Today is the day I will scale the big fuck off hill. If I tell myself this enough times it might happen.

Then again, it might not.

Today is day three of the holiday and all is well. Except for the big fuck off hill.

The hotel is great. The room, lovely. The air conditioning means that I'm sleeping well even if an intermittent spark from some electrical flash arc makes me jump now and then.

Life is as simple. I've nearly finished my second book (Emily Bitto's, "The Strays" - most excellent. Fiona McFarlane's "The Night Guest" was wonderful too) There is a small list of things I do each day.

I travel down to Kata Beach where a nice lady at the Darin Day Spa slathers you with tiger balm and shoves her foot in my armpit whilst pulling on my leg. An hour of Thai massage and all is well with the world. (Tip: When in Asia, go to the places that don't have some guy spruiking outside the joint. And look for the older ladies - they are fantastic.)

I'm working my way through a litre bottle of Bombay Sapphire. It's going well. See.

Every day, I make sure I spend some time in the pool. I've been here three days and because it's been raining. I've not once yet needed to slap on sunscreen. No sun to speak of. today might be a little different.

I marvel at how things work around here too. Like the electricity and the internet.

At least one meal is eaten in town. The food is great even if my stomach doesn't like it that much. it will adapt. I'm getting used to having skinny cats float around my legs at lunchtime.

I also enjoy all the seemingly little touches that come from being on holiday. Like the flannel bunnies.

And yes, I'm doing a bit of writing and reading and watching dodgy telly.

I also try to have a proper conversation with somebody each day, though this can be a bit hard. The resort is filled with Russians and Chinese people. Nothing wrong with this, but it makes having a chat with somebody slightly difficult. I found a nice Australian family yesterday. Spent an hour with the father and daughter retrieving a rock from the bottom of the pool. At least that hasn't change. How to entertain a four-year-old... let her throw a stone around the place while the adults go fetch it for her.

This is my kind of holiday.

But now, it is time to tackle the big fuck off hill. It's a doozy. Until today, I've taken the resort bus in and out of town. Today I'm going to give the hill a try. It's a horrible hill. And I hate hills. I hate hills more when I'm wearing thongs (so I'll take some runners just in case it rains. It's the slip factor I'm fearing most of all.

Wish me luck.

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