Sunday, June 14, 2015

Would You Rather Meme: Part Two

I'm getting this in early this week. Later this afternoon I'm flying off to Thailand for a week of reading, swimming, drinking gin and tonic and having a little Thai lady walk all over my back for a week. This is my version of heaven. It's also a much needed holiday.

So here we go for this week. I've made a commitment to have this done by the time I go to the gym - yes I'm going to the gym before hopping on the plane. Good, eh! Well, it's sort of needed before a nine hour flight.

Okay, here we go with the questions for this week.

Would you rather go to a movie or to dinner alone? 

I do both of these all the time, but I prefer going to a movie along. If I'm out for dinner, it's nice to have somebody to talk to. And the waiting staff don't get all weird when you're with somebody else. I see nothing wrong with going to see a film by yourself. I've been doing this for thirty years on a regular basis.

Would you rather always say everything on your mind or never speak again? 

I can see good and bad in both. I'm erring on saying everything on my mind, but I might lose a few friends in the process. The filter, and silence, are good things too.

Would you rather make a phone call or send a text? 

Send a text. Notorious for this too.

Would you rather read an awesome book or watch a good movie? 

See, another hard one, but I'm going to say read a good book. I see plenty of great movies, but nothing beats a great book.

Would you rather be the most popular person at work or school or the smartest? 

The smartest. I like being smart. Not blowing my own trumpet but being smart has many advantages. As long as you have a few friends at work you're good. Smart can get you places.

Would you rather put a stop to war or end world hunger? 

If we stopped all war, the problem of hunger would diminish soon after. If you think about all the money they throw into war, think of how many people you could feed.

Would you rather spend the night in a luxury hotel room or camping surrounded by beautiful scenery? 

Luxury hotel. As much as I love the great outdoors, unless I was going glamping with clean, efficient hot running water and flushing toilets, please let me have a luxury hotel room. If I can put in an order, one of the upscale rooms at the Westin or Swisshotel in Sydney would be great - or Crown in Melbourne. One of those will do fine.

Would you rather explore space or the ocean? 

Space has always fascinated me, so send me up, Houston.

Would you rather go deep sea diving or bungee jumping? 

Bungee jumping. More scared of open water than I am of falling.

Would you rather be a kid your whole life or an adult your whole life? 

Another one that has pros and cons. I'm going to go with adult on this one. I wasn't overly fussed with my childhood and I'm a big kid anyway so I don't see much difference.

Would you rather go on a cruise with friends or with your spouse? 

Do I have to go on a cruise? Ew. No thanks. Hypothetically, I'd rather go away  with my partner, though going for a weekend away with friends is great.I just don't like the idea of a cruise.

Would you rather lose your keys or your cell phone? 

I'd rather lose my mobile phone. Losing my keys is always a big worry. Thankfully, my downstairs neighbours have a spare set of my keys for emergencies.

Would you rather eat a meal of cow tongue or octopus? 

Octopus. Love octupus - and calamari. I've had tongue before, but like most offal, it is a bit hard to get my head around.

Would you rather have x-ray vision or magnified hearing? 

As long as I could turn it off, x-ray vision. Magnified hearing is too problematic. Then again, why would you want to see through some things? You could always use x-ray vision for good too.

Would you rather work in a group or work alone?

Work alone. I'm happy doing both, but I prefer working alone. As long as there are some people around the place.


Bev Sykes said...

why am I not surprised that there are so many "smart" people here!

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike. I like your take on hunger n war!

Stacy said...

That was a good answer about war and hunger, but I still don't think as a species we'll ever end war. It's in us to fight over something.

Kwizgiver said...

We have a lot of similar answers this week!

Zippi Kit said...

You are right. Nothing is better than a good book. Thoughtful answers, good read, and thanks!

CountryDew said...

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks if we did away with war, we'd solve hunger and many other problems, too. Great answers.