Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Mash Up Meme

Here I was thinking there'd be a Fourth of July Meme hot off the press from Sunday Stealing, but no, there are some reasonable questions here.

My afternoon has been shuffled around a bit. We were going to go to Heide for Afternoon Tea today with Jonella, Thom and Teddy, but Teddy's fallen ill. This gives me a bit more time to write and go see Blarney and maybe do some cleaning.

And a happy Fourth of July to my American readers.

1. What’s overdue for a good cleaning?

My book cases are really need a good sorting out. They're really dusty.

2. What’s overdue for some kind of professional examination, service, maintenance, or upkeep?

I'm pretty good at upkeep. I visit the dentist every six months. I have an annual check up at the doctor. My car is serviced every nine months (that reminds me, must book that in soon). The one thing that is probably overdue, and I do need to think about this at some stage - I really should have my carpets professionally cleaned. Though then again, as I'm renting, I'll get this done if I ever move out of here. I borrow a friend's Dyson every six months which keeps some of the muck at bay.

3. Who’s overdue for a phone call or letter to you?

Reindert and I are overdue for a call. We keep missing each other.He's been travelling, I've been travelling. It will happen.

 4. What’s overdue for an appearance in your neighborhood?

I would say that I haven't seen the police down my street for a while, but I was woken up at 5 a.m. to them beating on a neighbours door asking them to turn the music down. I was thinking about calling them when they turned up.

 5. Who’s overdue for a good comeuppance?

Most of the Australian Federal Parliament front bench. (see yesterday's blog) Can't wait for that.

 6. What’s a gross food you like anyway?

I have a big love for Kentucky Fried Chicken. I know it's gross, but it's sooooo good. I try and stay away from it.

 7. Who’s an unlikeable person you like anyway?

I really love Kevin Spacey in "House of Cards". He's awful, and wonderful all at the same time.

 8. What’s an unpleasant task you enjoy performing anyway?

I'm an ironer. I love ironing. Most people think I'm nuts because I love ironing. I think ironing is very relaxing.

 9. What’s a dumb song you enjoy anyway?

 Do I have to nominate just one song? I love lots of silly songs. I'm currently looking into the life of my great grandmother and I found this treasure from the year I'm currently writing about. My grandfather used to sing this to me.

Here is another silly go-to song:

 10. What’s a lousy restaurant you frequent anyway?

I live in Melbourne. There are few lousy restaurants in Melbourne. Though, in saying this, there are lots of dodgy Vietnamese restaurants down the road. Dodgy is different to lousy. Theses places don't look much. Formica tables, plastic plates, even more plastic flowers on the table, but great food. The Vinh Ky and the Loi Loi are favourites.

 11. What's your favourite Sci-fi film/program etc?

I still miss Quantum Leap.

 12. Have you ever had a proper Tarot reading?

I'm a professional tarot reader. Of course I've had a "proper" tarot reading.

 13. Have you ever used the phrase "back in my time" to someone younger than you?

I find myself using that phrase more and more. Like explaining to a colleague about Monty Python. He was only just discovering them. Sheesh.

 14. Have you ever done something really unbelievable, only to have no one around to see it?

Nope. I never do anything unbelievable.

 15. If you were famous would you want a statue or a building names after you?

Absolutely not. Pigeons shit on statues and why would you want a building named after you. In fifty years people will have no idea who you were anyway.


Addy said...

Oh boy, do I miss Quantum Leap. Such a great show! And I miss the restaurants of Melbourne, the Veggie Orgasm was always a favourite of mine, but alas, that closed down years ago! :)

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

5. I agree - given you last post.

6. Me too. I hadn't had KFC for years and then two weeks ago, somebody bought a bargain bucket - so I tried some and then realised how much I had missed it.

7. Have you seen the UK version from a few years ago?

9. Deeply Dippy - AAAAAARRRRGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! It's in my head now!!!

11. Quantum Leap - yes - I quite liked that too.




CountryDew said...

I liked Quantum Leap, too.

I am impressed that you're a professional tarot card reader. They are hard to come by in my area. They're here, just hard to find. USA Bible Belt and all that entails, I suppose.

Stacy said...

That "back in my time" thing does seem to be cropping up more and more often. :/

Zippi Kit said...

Politicians are getting bolder and bolder, almost as if they work for someone else besides the "People", and probably because they do!

You read Tarot cards. Fabulous!

Kwizgiver said...

I was a huge fan of Quantum Leap!