Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pokemon for Adults Episode One

I admit to being a player of Pokemon Go.

Judge away.

I'm not like one of those kids that can be found getting run over trying to catch rare pokemons in the middle of four lane highways.

I don't Pokemon when I'm driving.

I Pokemon on my way to work or when I'm walking around the place trying not to. My phone stays on put in my pocket most of the time. I'm not overly upset if a Pokemon doesn't get caught.

Of the 150 odd Pokemon, I've caught or evolved around 90.  I've been Pokemonning for about two months. I am not addicted. I just like collecting things. It was the same when I went after the painted elephants a few years ago.

I'm rather fond of catching Pokemon in places I haven't been before. Circular Quay in Sydney is excellent for finding Pokemon. Even Myponga has four Pokestops and a PokeGym.

It's a bit of fun

The on Pikachu in my collection surfaced on my phone when I was in bed one morning when I turned on the app by accident.

One of my workmates was rather taken with my collection. That I have an Onix and a Skyther is great, or so he reckons.

However, Sunday Morning, walking home from the gym, I was a bit taken aback. Coming out of the centre, the phone buzzed. It wasn't one I'd seen before (One of the big enjoyments of Pokemon Go is finding new ones)

This is what I caught.

His name is Lickitung.

Seriously. Lickitung.

It can't be just me. I reckon it looks like a demented sex toy. A demented, but cute sex toy.

Maybe this will be the next spin off from the Pokemon Go craze. Recreational rubber and latex products that do more than give your phone a buzz.

I wonder what Onix does in his other life?

Yeah,, I thought so too.

Right, must prepare my taxes.

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Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Oh dear! I just don't get this Pokemon thing. I had to endure it when my lads were really young and now the two of them are doing this new Pokemon Go thing. Still, at least it gets kids (and people) out and about.

There's no way I would consider getting involved, although I heard myself saying at work to a Pokemon loving colleague: "Just heard somebody saying there's a nest of Pikachu in the park. Wanna borrow my brolly?"

And you are right - that licky thing looks very disturbing!!