Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Write From Karen Meme

It's a long weekend. I'm digging myself out of a very mild session of black dog. Thankfully it's containable and I've caught it, but it means a lot of down time and self care. It's coming good, but it's taking its time.

Anyway, the questions, as per usual, come from Bev at Sunday Stealing.

1. What’s the coolest item you’ve found at a garage sale, flea market, etc?

I don't think I've ever bought anything at a garage sale. I've got some natty clothes at the odd op shop. I love my trench coat which I found on eBay.

2. Describe how your day went yesterday.

Good. Meditation, breakfast with a friend, went shopping, found something to wear to graduation on Thursday, haircut and colour (a tad dark, but it will settle) and a dinner and a play in the evening. A good day.

3. Do you have issues with people entering your personal space? What do you do when your personal space is violated?

Yes. It depends on who it is, but I like people to be respectful of my personal space.I'm a bit claustropobic, so crowded trams are an issue.

4. What is the one meal recipe you think you’ve mastered?

I do a mean chicken and roast pumpkin stir fry. Friends ask for that regularly.

5.  If you could take back something you did to someone, what would it be?

I can't think of anything.

6. Would you describe yourself as spiritual, religious, or something else?

Spiritual. I love learning about religion but I'm not religious.

7. Did you ever receive detention in school? What sort of kid were you in school – bookworm, smart kid, troublemaker, quiet … etc.

No detention. I was the weird, nerdy bookworm. Hated high school.

8. When’s the last time you ran a mile? How often do you exercise?

A few years ago, before I did my back in. But I walk a lot and I'm in the gym 3-4 times a week.

9. What would you say to your 16-year-old self, and why?

It's going to be alright. Once you leave home, things get better. And boys will always be a mystery/

10. What are you avoiding?

Writing my novel. I don't know why,

11. Describe a “Hah! I told you so” moment you had recently.

Pretty much comes out of of the current Federal Government with their crap decisions. I say that a lot at the news.

12. What’s more important, where you live or what you do for a living? Why?

Where you live. Community is important. If you're doing an honest job, you're winning already/

13. Swear words: Are you pro or con? Why?

Pro - when used sparingly. Intelligent women who swear get more out of life.

14. Paper or plastic? Do you prefer to pack your own groceries?

This is Australia - most of the time you pack your own groceries. They are phasing out plastic on a state by state basis.

15. Do you have a shoe fetish? How often do you buy new shoes? Do you ever get rid of a pair of shoes?

I like shoes, but I don't need shoes. I have a one pair in, one pair out policy. I tend to wear them into the ground then get new favourites. I love my silver birkenstocks at the moment.

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Bev Sykes said...

I should have used your answer to #11...that's it here too! But it's such a daily occurrence it doesn't seem unusual any more.