Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Least Favorite Things

1)  Effing unseasonal warm, humid weather.

Melbourne is in the middle of an Indian Summer. 29 degrees in late April is just ridiculous. 29 degrees and humid is just an abomination. Only last week I found myself airing out the winter duvet - the one I have slept under since 1992 when I bought down a market for ten quid down the Edgeware Road Markets. And now I want my summer duvet instead. The one that is sealed in the vacuum sealed bag ready for next summer. I can't see the point in changing it over now - it's due to cool down in the next few days.

And it's impacting the running. Today was a day of meetings and writing. My alleged new running partner at work was working from home. I was supposed to meet K at the gym for a run - we're trying to get her running at the moment - she got caught at work. Then things went pear shaped, Glen Waverley and his wife were coming over to watch Underbelly which I'd taped for them... turns out, I end up at the gym at 9 pm to do my allotted five kilometre run. A slow, stitch ridden, five kilometres later, I'm here - a bit miffed at myself for not going this morning, but glad it's over.

I just can't fathom humidity. I like running when it's about ten degrees, overcast and wiith a slight breeze - none of this warm, wet air crap. The gym feels like a sauna, but it's the only place I can run at night and feel safe (and I get to chat up hot, Gen Why, slacker dude on reception, which is always a bonus). Clothes stick to you, energy levels flag, hair goes frizzy... humidity is really only good for tropical holidays, where you don't have to look smart or do anything other than drink beer.

Yes, I'm having a bit of a moan. I shouldn't - I'm doing okay really.

Just miffed about about the warm humid weather. I WANT WINTER BACK.

An here is the rest of the list - I promise to be brief.

2) Lasagne - got food poisoning from it years ago - the sight of it makes me go green - though I eat other pasta with meat sauce happily.

3) Country and Western Music - just annoying. End of story.

4) Karl Stefanovic - I know I can choose my breakfast television, but with the choice between this git, David Koch - Adelaide's version of a supercilious prat with no hair, and the news in Japanese, I will have to continue to dislike Krappy Karl and wish he's get run over by a truck so the back up guy (Cameron Williams - lovely eyes) can take over.

5) People who turn up to work with colds and flu then go cough all over you - this will be pertinent as today was flu shot day at work.

6)  People who send you repeated invitations to every daft facebook application they come across - twits - I'll play the games I want to play - stop asking me. Or press the skip button. If it doesn't have a skip button, close down the browser. It's a stupid app anyway.

7) The Footy Show - This one is personal - I used to live off Bendigo Street where the Channel Nine Studios reside - could never get a park after tarot class on Thursday night - lots of bogans around as well - not fun.  The Monday night footy show on Channel Ten is much better. It's actually intelligent and intelligible.

8)  Pet Rabbits - another pointless thing. Rabbits are good for one thing. Stew. Besides, pet bunnies in Australia only get myxomatosis and croak anyway.... I don't have anything against rabbits - I just see them as food.

9) Rude Children - don't get me wrong - I like kids. I just don't like rude kids. The odd slip up is fine and expected. Constant repeat offenders just irritate me - though I know it normally isn't their fault. Will leave that one be at the moment.

10) Reflexology Clients who don't offer to wash their feet before a treatment. Should be part of the territory - yes. Disrespectful to the practitioner - hell yeah. Is the practitioner going to clean the feet before they start anyway. Yes. It's just the principle.

Ah, that feels better - almost as good as kicking the crap out of Pinochet last night. I pay him to do this, so it's fine.

Normal reception will occur as soon as the weather normalises.


Kilometres walked since 29 January: 250 km
Kilometres run since 29 January: 172 km
Currently reading: The Remains of the Day bu Kazuo Ishiguro, Marathon Running for Mortals
Weight lost since 29 Jan: 1.7 kg
April Kms: 122/220


The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pandora,

(1) I love warm weather. Sadly, as you probably know, we yearn for it in the UK. But summer is coming :-)
(2) I love lasagne.
(3) I loathe country and western music.
(5) Totally agree.
(6) I'm on Facebook - but I largely ignore it (too old I guess).
(7) Sport - Yeah - love it.
(8) rabbits are cute and cuddly. How could you? ;-)




Pandora Behr said...

Nothing against people who like hot weather or lasagne, or anything I may dislike - I get why the English like the warm (after living in London for eight years I understand)

As for bunnies - coming from rural Australia, it gets ingrained - vermin or food. Take your pick. I do really think they're cute - but pointless - and great in a currant sauce with cous cous.

Kath Lockett said...

I'm with you on the weather and everything else.... Stuck to the leather lounge last night and have woken up today with a cricked neck, wonky shoulder and the beginnings of a migraine

....Oh I should have said except for rabbits !