Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ping goes the Strings of my Hip

Yesterday's lunchtime run was a bit different. Dan, who is responsible for this running lark at lunchtime ran with me. Dan's a bit of an enigma. A year ago he was a Mother and cola swilling, pizza eating slob with the occasional bad attitude, well in the obese range, staring diabetes, heart disease and heaven knows what other nasties in the face.

Then, after a work sponsored personal development course we all did last year, Dan found running. (This was the same course that had me stand up in front of 30 people and say I would do the Adelaide Half Marathon... so it's impacted a few of us). Dan has turned his life around. A small part of this is the Reindert effect, but Dan really has gone from slob to god. 15 kgs lighter he's looking great. He's full of tips and tricks and encouragement. I'm really honoured when he goes for a big run on the weekend that he calls me to let me know.

So yesterday, Dan, complaining of a sore back, slowed down for me and we ran together, but I was quite chuffed  - I was cruising along doing 6.20 minute kilometres, feeling great until I got to the 3 km mark and PING. Something went in my hip. Top of the ITB/gluteus maximus or tensor faciae latae. NOT HAPPY.

I struggled to the water fountain that marks the 5 km mark, made it in about 35 minutes - not a failure by any stretch - but still -why, why, why? I do this run regularly - up to the railway bridge and back - now it hurts when I walk. The top of my hip is aching. I know it's muscular, I know it will heal - I'm just grubby that it's happened.

Ibuprufen, hot water bottles, salonpas patches, reiki - it will get better. I will will it better. I said so.

What annoys me is that I spend a good few hours working out my training schedule for the next six months - factoring in all the stuff I know I need to do to get though this marathon without injuring myself and having a pleasant time while doing it. The whole plan has Reindert's seal of approval (actually said that it was really good how I'd factored things in and it was realistic and logical)

This was the configuration for this week:

Tuesday, 6 April 2010        5 km Run (Lunch)
Wednesday, 7 April 2010       5 km Run (With K at gym)
Thursday, 8 April 2010       5 km Run (Lunch)
Friday, 9 April 2010    Off
Saturday, 10 April 2010    10 km Run
Sunday, 11 April 2010    5   km Run

Now I'm not so sure. But we will persevere. Just been out for a walk at lunchtime and it seems happier when I move it. Hopefully this is a good sign.

Kabbalistically, it's an interesting injury. The left hip equates with raw emotion. What about my emotions is out of balance? What needs to be looked at. How is this manifesting in my life and how can I get it out of my body. It raises a whole heap of questions.

Will let you know how I'm travelling.

Card of the Blog: Knight of Pentacles - Keep plodding along. Perseverence. Getting there in the end. Solid Ground.

Okay - gives me a bit of hope.

Kilometres walked since 29 January: 201 km
Kilometres run since 29 January: 124 km
Currently reading: Ice by Louis Nowra, Marathon Running for Mortals
Weight lost since 29 Jan: 1.7 kg
April Kms: 25/220

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