Sunday, April 11, 2010

Please can I kill a Bogan?

Rather than bore you with the intimate workings  of the Pandora life and brain of late, I'm going to be brief. I've been doing a lot of stewing in my own juices. Best kept to myself I think these raving thoughts. Navel gazing gets boring. Pandora on the rampage isn't interesting at all either.

I'm blaming my latest state on dream group from two weeks ago. The session, which dealt with my dream for a change, had me bawling my way through half a box of tissues on the night. Since then, I've been working through the anger that the night released. That evening really did open a virtual Pandora's Box, pardon the pun.

That was ten days ago.

So, since dream group, I've wanted to kill / torture/ pillage everybody and everything in some shape or form - from bogans who whine when you suggest if you are staying an extra hour at a tarot job that payment is required and take offence at the suggestion that you're not a charity (this last bit wasn't said to the client, but it was thought), to booking the October holiday, to Glen Waverley, the work husband, who is stressed to the point that I'm staying away from him, to Popeye, to the guys who are trying to organise the Integration Engineering Barbeque. Just give me a cricket bat, a can of petrol and a match and I'll sort the lot of them out.

Thankfully I've been able to run a lot of this out and dive into work with a vengeance after a new project has given me some pretty harsh deadlines and interesting work. It helps keep me from doing anything too silly.

Oh, and Eddie is joining my lovely team. Just to add insult to injury. Popeye and the Banana Splits we are no more. With Eddie onboard we're going to be more like the Addams family (I hope that makes me Wednesday!)

It's been pretty harsh. But good. I know that some issues are coming to a close, difficulties of forty years are being put to bed. It's okay. It just means I'm a bit quiet for a while.

The running is going well. The pinged hip is not troubling me much any more. Yesterday Kate from the gym came for her first outside run on my 10 km route - and she did very well. That was cool. She did well, though I wanted to run more - but it was great to have somebody to talk to along the way. It also rained gently for a bit - a gentle, warm rain - that was magic. I have today's run to do tomorrow morning before work - this morning's Pump class did me in - tried running after - it just didn't work. But in all - things are coming along.

It's just taken a bit of time to come to terms with what got dreamed about three weeks ago. On a sinking boats in a turbulent sea, with only an old gramaphone to talk into. Who knew it could be so cathartic?.

I'll just keep low for a bit and keep on running. It seems to be working.

Oh, one last thing - Pandora's Box - when all of the turmoil and pain and destruction and evil had gone from box once it had been opened, two things remained.....

Hope and opportunity.


Kilometres walked since 29 January: 215 km
Kilometres run since 29 January: 144 km
Currently reading: Ice by Louis Nowra, Marathon Running for Mortals
Weight lost since 29 Jan: 1.7 kg
April Kms: 59/220


Kath Lockett said...

Hope and Opportunity. Sounds like a perfect tattoo to me...

...maybe after you complete the marathon?

Pandora Behr said...

Hmm, interesting thought that. Though I already have a tattoo and I'm not sure where to put it (unless I get two more Chinese characters to go with the one that's on my hip already)

Kath Lockett said...

...I've got one between my hip and belly button. A blue Rose to indicate Sapphire's middle name and the colour of both hers and Love Chunks' eyes.