Friday, May 28, 2010

A Murder of Work Husbands

What is the collective noun for Work Husbands?

There are two swanning about at the moment and half of me is enjoying it, the other half wishes they weren't about. I should be grateful - not often a woman gets two husbands and doesn't get thrown in prison.

Glen Waverley continues to be stressed. I wouldn't want his job if you paid me. Add to work stress, he's turning 39 on the weekend. And then there was the box debarcle.

We had a desk move late last week here at Tin Can, String and Whistle. I scored well - not only did I get a window seat, but Eddie is now situated in another pod. It's bliss! I never knew what working in an environment where you're not being interrupted every five minutes could be so condusive to work. It always takes  a few days to settle into to your new position, but this move has been lovely. The guys in the new pod are great, and quiet, and they don't ask me stupid questions every three minutes.

Poor Glen Waverley - he didn't get such a good deal. Firstly he's been moved to the other side of the building - and his pod mates, though good people, aren't that interesting. He also moved all his stuff in preparation for the weekend move. Stuck big notes on his boxes - "Already shifted - Please don't touch." He got in on Monday morning to find his new desk empty - no sign of the boxes, his phone, his computer and all his paperwork, ready for an 8.30 meeting. Everything was gone.

Needless to say, Glen Waverley has been roaming around the building looking like somebody has skinned his puppy. It's been quite pityable. By Thursday, two of the three boxes had been found - strangely, the one with his laptop, monitor and phone are yet to surface.... I think he should start scouring Ebay.

Work Husband Two, Reindert, is also back in town - making this virtual bigamy reality. Reindert is making life a bit of a double edged sword. He makes me run!. Did a 16.5 km tramp around the Yarra and the Tan on Sunday - didn't do too badly considering I was taking it pretty easily. This was all in preparation for the Williamstown Half Marathon he's talked me into doing on Sunday. The way I see it, I'm in better shape for this than the others I have done - it's 2.5 hours of my life - I'll be fine.

Reindert has had a really strange effect on me over the last two years. What started out as a rather strained relationship has grown into a lovely friendship. He got me into running. He instilled some self-confidence and self-worth into me. We've been on a few adventures over the last few years - like going on a two day drive from Newcastle to Melbourne, and the trip to Adelaide for a winery jaunt and the Adelaide Marathon. He's intelligent, easy company. That can be hard to find. We get on a bit like brother and sister - just happy to be around each other - silences and conversations aren't strained.

I thing Reindert really makes me realise more than anything is that I do want a partner now. We do cool things together, get to be ratbags together - sort of partners in crime. It's been a very long time since I've had somebody to do mad things with - go on adventures with. Actually, who am I kidding - I've never really had somebody like that in my life.

So maybe that's my next journey - after the marathon, after the overseas trip, after all the preparation.

Find that somebody to go with to see the world in a different way. To go on adventures with - cos you're never too old to go on adventures.And I like going out in search of mischief, trouble and fun. It's what I do best.

Put that down on paper now too.

Can't go back on it.

Oh, add also to the equation, the Grounded Dutchman has announced that he's ready to come back.
And Lachlan's still asking about my visit to the UK.

It's all a bit noisy here at the moment.


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Kath Lockett said...

It sounds like GOOD noise though. :)

Best of luck with the half marathon this weekend!