Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten Random Things

I have been too busy to blog and I don't like it. My head is about to explode - I haven't had a chance to just sit and write. I've been writing, but Systems Engineering garbage is not real writing.

So, ten quick things about what's going on - and why I'm so busy. In very random order.

1. Blarney is out of hospital - her children are not, but not because they are ill - they just need round the clock care until they're big and strong enough to go home. I think the boys now know me by my scent of Polish beer mixed with Stella McCartney's Rose Absolute. I'm rather enjoying having small people to cuddle on a regular basis. They smell good.

2. I have my free, company paid for airline ticket for my overseas trip in my hot little hand. I need this five weeks off more than you realise. Roll on October 10.

3. A lot of planning is starting to get done for this five week stretch out of Australia. Where do I want to go? What do I want to do? Who do I want to see? How do I get from Boston to Philadelphia? How do I get from Grenada to London? Do I have to go to Cork, Ireland to see the head wettings of Chance and Lance? Lots to consider.

4. I'm on an economy drive, trying to save money for this trip, looking to spend no more than $10 a day while at work. This means lots of Subway lunches, periodic, rather than daily coffee rounds - will have to go to the tea room for my daily top up of coffee. At least the stuff in the work kitchen is semi-decent. I shouldn't moan. I've been in workplaces where instead of our super-dooper coffee machine all we had was Nescafe instant coffee. Nescafe is a crime against humanity and should be eradicated as soon as possible.

5. Went running with Roger from beer club yesterday lunchtime. Roger hasn't run in about six months since the birth of his youngest son in December. I suggested running intervals over 5 km - run three minutes, walk two minutes. Yeah, yeah, she says - nice relaxing, doddle recovery run. Doing the intervals we covered the 5.1 kms in 36 minutes - that's a minute less that what I normally do it in! Bugger made me run fast. Will do me good. Reindert arrives tomorrow afternoon - I think I'll be back on track by Thursday. Reindert like kicking my bum.

6. Listening in to a conference call rather than attending the meeting has it's pros and cons. Listening to "English" in the forms of Franglais, Chinglish, Japalese, Dutchese and Subcontinental dronings is just as boring over a headset, but you can't bludge off and fall asleep at your desk like you do when you sit in these tripe sessions. You could bottle inter-continental teleconferences for sleeping pills. Really.

7. Eddie has been driving me insane over the last few weeks. He's been migrated into our lovely team, which is fine, as I can still ignore him most of the time - but he is soooo high maintenance. He was on a course for four days. He wasn't there. Bliss. I didn't realise how much ambient noise he produces.

8. Realising that my blood pressure and weight are linked, I'm running a campaign to get both down. This is boring, but necessary and I refuse to go on about it. Needless to say, there is lots of lean protein and vegetables and very little saturated fats and sugar in my diet. Told you it was boring.I won't bring it up again.

9. Must stop fantasising about Lachlan. Must stop fantasising about Lachlan. Must stop fantasising about Lachlan. He's taking up too much head space.

10.  Though I haven't been blogging, I have managed to get out a couple of poems. Find below. I'm not really a poet, but enjoy the form.


Rescue Dog

Okay, I don’t communicate that well
My needs, basic, shelter, food, safety
Occasionally articulated
Normally inappropriately.
I apologise.
I have not had lessons from a young age.
You found me wanting, you kept me
Sometimes you see me, normally you don’t
Sitting, waiting for more than a cursory pat.

For what responsibility
Do we have to each other?
You, in your wisdom,
Chose not to walk away.
I, in my naivety and need,
Chose not to run or bite.

Okay, I’ll say it. You don’t communicate that well.
I’m with you on your terms
And you let me know it.
I’m learning my place,
Grateful I’m not forgotten.
I just live for the moment
When my head on your lap,
Your hand on my head
We commune, content, warm, silent.
And there are no words to sound
For this unfathomable peace
This unspoken, most natural love.

Mistress Cleansheets Longs for Touch

She, cats-mother-lumpy-lithe, knows she hates the morning
As her foot engages with the cold air
Of the darkened, slumber-wearied room.
Aforesaid cat, paws intermittently crunch
To the beat of his mistresses bidding,
Warm fingers, soft chin supine in sleep.

They stretch together

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Kath Lockett said...

Lovely update and the poems are also lovely. I know as much about poetry as I do about what happens under the bonnet of a car, but I like yours.