Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nutella and Migraines

I wish I didn't get migraines.

I should be thankful that they only blight my consciousness periodically, once or twice a year - but they really do wreck me for a few days. Thankfully, the pain is the least of the problems - Panadeine Forte sorts that out quick smart. It's the dicky stomach, the light sensitivity, the lethargy and the complete sense of helplessness that follows you around for the next few days that gets to me more.

Yesterday was spent under the duvet in a darkened room, the television was on quietly in the corner, the sound and colour muted to give me the impression that somebody was around and I wasn't on my own, defenseless, useless and good for nothing.

Late in the day I crawled to the shops to get my prescription for my codeine lollies (Panadeine Forte) filled, buying a litre of milk while I was there. I rang dream group and said I wasn't coming, then back to the duvet cocoon on the couch for the rest of the evening to sleep most of the evening away.

Yesterday can be classed as a write off.

Today, I'm left with cotton wool head, no concentration, no energy and a dull ache between my eyes. Wouldn't have come to work except for the fact that the training course I'm due to take took a month to arrange and nobody else is around to take it. Might schlep home after that. Might also just sit here and look useless. We'll see how things pan out.

What perpelexes me is what triggered this event. I don't get migraines from neck or back pain - I'm blessed that way. I used to get them when I was having an existential crisis - friends would tell me they were pregnant and I would fall down with one - thankfully that stopped happening a few years ago. I remember one time I was out for four days with one - two friends announced their pending births on the same day. I went into therapy after that for a bit - it helped - it hasn't happened since.

So yeah, no existential crises are happening, well nothing out of the ordinary. Okay,. I can't run, my blood pressure's doing silly thinks, my job's not really stimulating me and I don't have two minutes to rub together at the moment - but that's normal.

I'm blaming nutella for the migraine.

The night before this happened I had a great session with Pinochet. And then I did something stupid.

Nutella. And lots of it. Half a small jar to be precise. I don't normally have that stuff in the house - but for making biscuits for the boys barbeque I got some in. Here's  me thinking I can stop at a small taste at the end of the spoon. Right.

Nutella is more addictive than heroin and crack cocaine.

The following morning my blood pressure had spiked and my head was about to explode.

I'm going to have to blame this one on my own stupidity...



Kath Lockett said...

Pand, it doesn't matter if it's due to Nutella, psychosomatic issues or for no reason at all - migraines are excruciating and never deserved. Ever.

....not even when you scoff three bars of Cadbury Wispa with caramello bars at once because they only cost you 40c each.....

Pandora Behr said...

Kath. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

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